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What’s That Guy’s Name?

It was a night Guy T. Phillips won’t soon forget as he crossed the stage to accept his Photographic Craftsman accreditation from Professional Photographers of America with his mentor by his side. That night was the culmination of years of work, study, and service to his community and industry—service that’s taken many forms. In appreciation for the devotion and guidance from his own mentor, TPPA Executive Director Steve Kozak, he serves as a mentor to others in his field. Widely sought as a speaker, lecturer, and photography teacher, he’s also written for industry publications.

“I’ve been extremely fortunate to have joined the right associations including Dallas Professional Photographers Association, Texas Professional Photographers Association, and Professional Photographers of America,” he said. “These groups aren’t just a great way to network with likeminded individuals but have become a second family to me.”

You don’t have to look far to find clients eager to rave about this consummate professional.

“Guy T is an incredibly talented photographer who can get you whatever image you’re looking for, whether you need a headshot, have a project for your business, or you need photos for personal use. He did my headshot today, and it’s the best image I’ve gotten.” – Lindsay Moffett Ayers

“His fun, friendly demeanor created a relaxing environment which helped our volunteers shine in the photos. If you’re looking for a photographer for your photo campaign, Guy T is your guy.” – Marci Moran Pritts

“I was especially appreciative of the time Guy spent with my son during the photo shoot so he would be comfortable, and the photos would reflect his look and personality.” – Pamela Peavy Pierce

“When you’re recognizing an event in your life, little details matter,” Guy T said. “Attention to detail helps me see the things other photographers miss. Not everyone wants to be photographed, so my first job is to help you relax. I do that simply by talking and getting to know you. This isn’t a picture of me. It’s a picture of you and should reflect who you are.”

Guy T particularly enjoys photographing professionals, which he’s done for Living Magazine and others where his work has been featured on over 100 covers and feature stories. “They’re often in a hurry,” he said. “My challenge is to help them relax enough that their personalities come through. Not every picture necessarily calls for a smile, but if I’m doing my job right, every session should be fun for my client.”

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