Leslie Blackburn, DDS, MS

Growing Great Grins

Growing Great Grins


Dr. Leslie Blackburn’s friendly and exuberant personality makes dentistry fun and exciting for kids of all ages. Growing Great Grins, her unique pediatric dental practice, specializes in cutting-edge laser dentistry, and the oral care and treatment for children with special needs. From dental programs appreciated by parents to fun-filled activities for kids, Dr. Blackburn’s office is the place to be for your child’s dental healthcare.

Laser Dentistry’s Advantages

Growing Great Grins uses the latest advancements and equipment dental technology has to offer. Kids who are afraid of needles now have an alternative method for pain control during most treatments.

“Dental lasers offer a painless option for soft tissue procedures without fearful anticipation of needles or shots,” she says. The specialized laser technique achieves analgesia by conditioning the tooth. This allows dentists to test sick teeth for potential decay with very little pain and minimal discomfort. Lasers heal soft tissue, proving beneficial in correcting speech problems, feeding problems, gaps between teeth, and gum recession.

Comforting Care for Special Smiles

The staff understands the hardships and challenges dental treatment can have for kids with unique life circumstances. “Since these children don’t have the same set of social boundaries and coping skills others have, I’ve created a Special Needs Program expressly for them,” Dr. Blackburn explains. “From the moment they enter our office to the time they leave, we make sure every moment is special.”

The calm and upbeat staff is particularly trained to interact with these children. “Our gentle, no-pressure approach helps our patients understand what we are doing at all times, without feeling threatened or fearful.”

Dental programs allow families to choose between a low-level program (Staging) or a formal program. Staging affords an infinite amount of time with loose, fluid goals. Dentists acclimatize to the child’s comfort level, gradually coaching and encouraging them incrementally. The formal program blends with the philosophy of general dentistry.

Fun for Kids, Relaxing for Parents

Designing an atmosphere for relaxation sets the stage for tranquil, anxiety-free visits. Soothing Caribbean-blue painted walls carry a clever beach theme throughout the practice. If the office looks familiar when you walk in, it’s because Dr. Blackburn purchased the practice in 2017 from Dr. Judith Ragsdale, a longstanding pediatric dentist who still works there part time. Incentives launched by Dr. Ragsdale years ago are still part of Dr. Blackburn’s practice today. Kids love the wall of games and electronics — rewards for maintaining exemplary dental care and twice-a-day teeth brushing. While waiting in the lobby, parents can enjoy the use of lap desks and power cords, snacks and beverages, and complementary spa comforts including heated hand wraps and blankets.

Dr. Blackburn graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in New York, receiving her Doctorate of Dental Surgery and a master’s degree in science and dental education. She earned her certificate in pediatric dentistry from Yale University. Dr. Blackburn and her husband Shawn have a daughter, Isadora, and a son, Rockwell.


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