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Providing Lush Lawns All Year Long

Prevention is essential to lawn health. Our lawns’ routine maintenance throughout the year can yield ongoing benefits, as regular health care checkups and preventive measures help us. The most targeted defenses and a perfectly balanced blend of nutrients to stimulate growth now will result in a lovely, vibrant yard into the summer and fall. 

Beautiful Results Take Intention

A visually striking, pest-free lawn doesn’t happen by accident. Preparation is pivotal this time of year for homeowners who are serious about having amazing lawns throughout 2021, according to John Hart, owner of Rockwall’s Green Lawn Fertilizing. “Maintaining your lawn’s health and appearance all year long takes planning and regular upkeep,” he said. Winter is an ideal season to begin lawn treatment because, as noted above, prevention is powerful. “It’s important not to wait until something becomes a problem,” John explained.

John and his wife Randi know all about intention. The Harts started Green Lawn with a dual-pronged goal as its rudder—to create beautiful lawns and provide unparalleled customer service. This objective drove quality, generating further business and allowing “a labor of love to quickly grow into a full-time business,” noted John. The intention sparked expansion that enabled the Harts to build on their niche expertise and passion for creating lush lawns free of weeds. “I love what I do,” said John, who finds it fulfilling to help those in the community and turn around a lawn so it is “the best it can be.”

Continually delivering at a level that has pleased clients and fueled their success, Green Lawn wants customers to see results. John explained that he “won’t take a job he can’t deliver on,” although they are known for transforming many difficult yards.

Straightforward Treatment Plans that Work

The Harts are proud of how they have avoided unnecessary complexities in client relationships. At Green Lawn, there are no contracts. “Our customer service is our contract,” said John. Beyond that service is the actual work itself, and the Harts’ commitment to excellence for every client has created proof of the integrity of Green Lawn’s work ethic with five-star ratings online. “Clients stay with us because they know they are getting the best lawn treatments in the industry,” John added. “They can see the results of this commitment all year.”

While no one is tied to a contract, Green Lawn does advise “a straightforward treatment plan” for homeowners and commercial properties. The Harts’ standard package couples a seven-treatment initial protocol for a weed-free, healthy lawn. Coupled with their quarterly pest-control program, it results in a yard that is inviting year-round.

Trusted Pros: Custom Blends and at-your-fingertips Advice

Sometimes it is simply wise to hire a professional service. However, many people think lawns are best approached DIY. Unfortunately, “retail products simply don’t work,” said John. In fact, the cost of DIY often exceeds what someone would pay to hire a professional.

Beyond access to powerful industrial-grade solutions, there is also the issue of tailored, currently relevant expertise. For one thing, “grass needs different nutrients at different times of the year,” advised John. In this area, Green Lawn has an in-house capacity to address your needs individually and is one of the only companies offering customized pre-emergents and fertilizers throughout North Texas. “We work tirelessly to find the right balance for our blends,” he said. “We take into consideration the grass type, the season, and the region.”

Green Lawn Fertilizing also pays it forward through their website with articles on best practices and pro tips. Using this content, people can read expert advice when they need it.

Beyond Customization: Care as a Bottom Line

Green Lawn is not just differentiating itself with custom blending but with a commitment to care. One way care is exhibited is through the customer service emphasis mentioned above.

Communication is a top customer service priority. The Harts alert customers in advance, in part, so homeowners have a chance to secure pets before treatment begins. “We care about our customers and want them to have the best outcomes for their lawns,” said John.

Care is also evident in convenience. Green Lawn Fertilizing is family-owned and operated. The Hart family knows how valuable time is to you, so they offer hassle-free online billing and payment.


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