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How far would you travel to see a doctor you trust? At least one patient of Greater Houston Orthodontics travels from Switzerland, Pakistan, and London to be seen by them. While that’s certainly not the norm, they have plenty patients who travel from around Texas and neighboring states — passing multiple orthodontic practices on their way — to receive the care they’ve come to expect from these orthodontic professionals.

“Many complicated cases are referred to us, especially those requiring surgery or involving growth modifications,” said Dr. Amir Davoody. “All our orthodontists are board certified, which only 20% of American orthodontists are, and we’re self-confessed geeks when it comes to staying current with state-of-the-art technology
and techniques.”

Those geek tendencies take the form of hundreds of hours of continuing education — far beyond what’s required — and involvement in national and local study clubs where they further enhance their knowledge and consult with other top orthodontists on complicated cases. In fact, Dr. Davoody is the only local member of the international Angle Society study club, the premier study club for orthodontists worldwide.

Braces Your Way

Although traditional metal braces are still the most popular mode of treatment for younger patients, orthodontics has no age limit. The doctors at Greater Houston Orthodontics have many patients in their 30s and 40s — and beyond — who prefer more discrete treatment. For them, the practice offers less-noticeable ceramic braces, clear aligners, such as Invisalign, and high-tech lingual braces such as Incognito braces and Brius. In fact, Greater Houston Orthodontics is the only Invisalign Diamond Plus provider in the Houston city limits having treated hundreds of patients successfully with Invisalign clear aligners.

Lingual braces are fully customized to the shape of your teeth and your unique dental situation. Greater Houston Orthodontics create a unique prescription for you built-in to ensure you get the results you want.

“Lingual braces are an invisible alternative for patients who don’t want traditional braces or when clear aligners like Invisalign aren’t an option,” said Dr. Rana Mehr. “Because they’re placed behind your teeth, no one will know you’re wearing braces unless you tell them.” With lingual braces, you get efficient, effective tooth movement and great aesthetics.

Latest Technology

Drs. Davoody, Mehr, and Ioannou have invested in the latest orthodontic technology to make treatment quicker, more precise, and more comfortable for their patients. No more gooey dental molds or bulky mold trays.

“Digital scanners and 3D X-rays not only make diagnostics more comfortable but treatment more accurate,” said Dr. Thomais Ioannou. Even with an office full of cutting-edge technology, the biggest investment the GHO team takes is time getting to know their patients and educating them about their treatment plan and the best options for their individual needs. They keep extended hours, so kids and adults don’t have to miss school or work. The team does their best to accommodate same-day appointments and emergencies.


For all these reasons and more, Greater Houston Orthodontics receives enthusiastic referrals from their current patients and local references. They also treat multiple generations in many families. The office is fun and upbeat with a sleek, modern design, quarterly contests and giveaways for patients, and a tenured staff who takes the time to know each patient personally.

The doctors support local schools, sports teams, PTOs, nonprofits, and charities. Dr. Davoody serves on the board of Greater Houston Dental Society. The practice is now accepting new patients. Find out more on the Greater Houston Orthodontics website.


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