Great Hearts Arlington

Cultivating the Hearts and Minds of Students in the Pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty


Great Hearts Schools were founded on a simple principle, the idea that every student can learn and grow and should be provided with the best and richest of our Western heritage. The first Great Hearts school was established by a group of parents and scholars who sought to create a rich and diverse environment in which to develop lifelong learners. In that environment, they emphasized:

  • Foundational skills of thinking and learning
  • The search for objective truth
  • Moral formation
  • Development of aesthetic sensibility
  • The very best in college preparation without the cost of tuition

Great Hearts scholars are not taught what to think. They are taught how to think. “We believe everything we come in contact with is morally forming—from the books we read, to the relationships and conversations we have, and the art and music we encounter, everything draws us toward virtue or vice,” said Headmaster Andrew Duininck. “At Great Hearts Arlington, we’re intentional about putting the best of Western tradition in front of our scholars to shape and form the whole child and help them develop virtue. We prioritize math and language acquisition through number sense and phonemic awareness. We also focus on the art and craft of conversation and active participation through the Socratic method.”

Great Hearts Arlington is not a school for the elite but a school for all. In fact, there is no tuition. “Every young person should have the opportunity to step into our community and join in this learning journey,” Duininck said. “It does take a good deal of work and parental support as it is structured and rigorous, but we hold our students accountable to high expectations while supporting them in reaching those expectations.”

The Great Hearts philosophy is that a classical, liberal arts education is for all children, regardless of academic, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. Instead of teaching subjects in isolation, Great Hearts Arlington teaches their scholars how each of those subjects fit into the world they occupy. “We focus on what is common to us as human beings and strive to create learners who seek after what is true, do what is good, and discern what is beautiful. Students build relationships with their peers outside of the classroom, contribute to their school community, and develop healthy habits and virtues like friendship, citizenship, and humility.”

Great Hearts graduates go on to attend many of the most prestigious universities in the nation with seven out of ten graduates earning a merit-based scholarship. Great Hearts Academies consistently surpass the best public and private schools in the nation in both academic outcomes and moral formation. “We seek to prepare all our scholars for acceptance into their first-choice university,” Duininck said. Find out more and schedule a school tour at


6701 South Cooper Street
Arlington, Texas 76001
(817) 260-0890