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Can you imagine watching your home’s energy meter run backwards and realizing you’re producing more power than you’re consuming? This was the vision of Good Faith Energy CEO and Founder, Mohammed Abdalla. All it took was a dream, determination, a dynamic team, and a gigantic leap of faith to make it a reality for thousands of DFW families. Here’s how it happened.

As a child, Mohammed moved to Texas with his family from Cairo, Egypt. A bright child and gifted student, he went on to study energy management and finance, landing an almost six figure job right out of college. Clearly, he was living the American dream. Then things hit a snag. Working as a land man for a large oil company, Mohammed saw his first couple wells being drilled. The natural gas they expelled wasn’t valuable enough, so they were set to burn in a practice known as “flaring.” Mohammed learned there were thousands of these flaring wells throughout Central and West Texas burning and releasing emissions into the environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The thought of his legacy being attributed to those wells was more than unsettling.

Good Faith Energy Solar EnergyHe cut ties with the oil company and for the first time in his 23 years, he wasn’t confidently advancing toward a goal, but floundering. Mohammed made his way to Europe to try to clear his head. It was on a train riding through Germany that his life’s work found him. Looking out the window at roof after roof of solar panels, he thought about the seemingly endless rooftops back in DFW. “I always knew I wanted to provide something good and faithful to the planet,” he said. “But until that moment, I didn’t know what it would be.”

Mohammed came home and installed prototype solar panels on his mom’s roof. His trademark determination returned, and he began surrounding himself with the most qualified people he could, including his now partner, Master Electrician Michael Solano. And in 2014, Good Faith Energy was born.

Since that time, the Good Faith Energy team has installed solar panels and solar roofing on thousands of homes and have recently expanded the business to include installation and maintenance of Tesla charging stations, Tesla home batteries, energy efficiency solutions, and home automation systems. They’re proud to be certified Tesla solar roofing installers. This revolutionary system replaces your existing roof with beautiful solar tiles that can power your home for decades with the energy they produce. A Tesla solar roof provides a competitive price point to a new construction home needing a roof and solar panels, or a homeowner considering solar panels after receiving an insurance claim from roof storms damage. It’s also a gorgeous looking system with the roof and solar tiles all blending in within a black steel frame. With a Tesla solar roof, you can manage your solar system and home energy consumption anytime from anywhere in the world on your Tesla app, watching your consumption rise and fall in real time, including historical usage.

Good Faith Energy Solar EnergyWith these and other products, Good Faith Energy has empowered many of your DFW neighbors to make the leap to clean, renewable energy. Visit GoodFaithEnergy. com to schedule your own energy audit and talk to them about decreasing your carbon footprint while lowering—or even eliminating —your electric bill. Working with Good Faith Energy also allows you to take advantage of available incentives and tax credits, and several studies prove that rooftop solar increased the marketability and sales price of a home.

Good Faith Energy isn’t just a top-rated solar provider based in North Texas, they’re your turn-key solution for a smarter, safer, and more reliable energy future. Good Faith Energy provides expert service in the fields of solar, smart home, energy efficiency, EV charging, and energy storage, as well as top-rated electrical services.

Good Faith Energy Solar EnergyAs for Mohammed, another big change has rocked his world—but in a wonderful way. “Becoming a dad makes you reflect on what kind of planet you’re leaving your kids,” he said. “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be waking up every day to a job I love, knowing I’m working to leave the planet a better place for my kids.”

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