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Is it really safe for me to go to the dentist while the COVID-19 virus is still active?

Yes, it is when proper precautions are taken. My patient’s safety is paramount. Since returning to work in May, my team and I have taken specific measures and precautions to protect our patients, ourselves, and our families, and alleviate the spread of germs. Everyone in the office wears personal protection equipment (PPE) including N95 masks, face shields, and gloves.

All patients are pre-screened for virus symptoms and temperatures are taken upon arrival. They wait in their cars until a team member arrives to escort them directly to the treatment room, eliminating close contact with others and promoting social distancing. Prior to treatment, patients rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash to mitigate potential germs. Per recommendations from the American Dental Association, we are hand scaling teeth for cleanings to keep aerosol to a minimum. Appointments are spaced out between patients, and treatment rooms and high-touch areas are aggressively sterilized to ensure a healthy, safe environment.

Is there a whitening method I can use at home?

Yes, we have three different whitening methods to choose from. Pre-filled bleach trays are available in the office and used to whiten at home. Use once a day for seven consecutive days to whiten your smile. Another option is custom-fitted bleach trays made from a mold of your teeth. Convenient and easy, you can purchase tubes of bleaching gel in the office. Zoom in-office whitening is the most effective option with the quickest results. Zoom can lighten teeth up to three shades within just one visit. Some patients like to touch up their Zoom smile every six months to ensure they look their best for special occasions or events.

How do you help patients who are scared and anxious?

At Fulshear Dental, my patients’ comfort is a priority. First, I try to find the root cause of their fear and anxiety. It might be from a previous dental visit when they were younger, or from an injury that still causes pain. I tailor my remedy to each patient’s specific needs. We use oral sedation—  nitrous oxide (laughing gas) — to temper nervous hesitation, and soothing amenities like relaxing music, blankets, and pillows.

What can I do to improve the appearance of my smile?

There are several options available including teeth whitening, Invisalign, and Lumineers, which are ultrathin porcelain veneers. I recommend visiting Fulshear Dental’s website for more detailed information on each of these options.

Should I be concerned if I grind my teeth?

Patients don’t realize they are grinding and clenching. Wear on the teeth, flattening of the back molars, and exposure of the teeth’s dentin are all evidence of grinding, as well as mouth breathing and enlarged adenoids. I make customized guards to prevent future damage and wear to the teeth. I recommend patients bring their guard to appointments so I can gauge how much grinding is happening by the amount of wear present. 


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Aekta Fifadara, DMD
Fulshear Dental

Dr. Fifadara chose to attend Tufts University of Dental Medicine in Boston, graduating in 2009. Following completion of her doctorate, she pursued a one-year residency in general dentistry at Queens Hospital in Jamaica, New York. She has a Certificate in Advanced Dental Implant Research and Education, and is a certified provider for both Invisalign Clear Braces and Lumineers.


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