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Dentistry with compassion and heart. That’s what you’ll find at Fulshear Dental from the moment you arrive. Dr. Aekta Fifadara and her amazing team of professionals work to ensure patients receive the quality care and individualized attention Fulshear Dental is known for. She shares her extensive knowledge with patients while crafting customized treatment plans and addressing their dental needs and desires. By providing an openhearted, approachable environment, Dr. Fifadara and her staff help patients achieve their optimum oral health goals while providing a pleasant and friendly atmosphere that feels like home. 

Passionate about providing exceptional dental care, Dr. Fifadara’s kindheartedness is the perfect complement to her top-tier clinical skill. Throughout her career, she has gained invaluable experience in a diversity of dental specialties, from oral surgery to cosmetic transformations and smile makeovers. “We provide an array of services because every smile and every patient is different,” Dr. Fifadara says. She stays current with innovative developments in oral healthcare through advanced training and continuing education.

Top-notch Support Staff

Fulshear Dental firmly believes in treating all patients with the same care and understanding as those closest to them. Dr. Fifadara and her experienced staff bring your dreams of an attractive, functional smile to fruition while achieving ultimate oral hygiene for you and your family. She is extremely proud of her team, all of whom are local community residents. The familiar hometown vibe relieves anxiety and puts patients at ease knowing they are greeted by a family of locally-residing professionals who share a common bond. Addressing each person with a warm smile, the team cultivates a feeling of relaxation and sets the tone for each dental appointment. Music, blankets, pillows, and TVs are offered for additional comfort. In addition to safety, “Whatever makes my patients comfortable and happy is our number one priority,” Dr. Fifadara says. She goes above and beyond to accommodate requests, making them feel valued not only as patients, but as individuals.

Personal Protection Safety Measures

Patients’ comfort and safety is always paramount at Fulshear Dental. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, additional safety measures and precautions have been employed to alleviate the spread of germs. Everyone wears personal protection equipment (PPE) including N95 masks, face shields, and gloves. Patients are instructed to call when they arrive and will be escorted to the treatment room to eliminate close contact with others. All patients are pre-screened for virus symptoms and their temperatures taken upon arrival. “For dental cleanings, we are hand scaling teeth to keep aerosol to a minimum,” Dr. Fifadara says. “We are also spacing out patients’ appointments to allow additional time with each of them.” Treatment rooms and high-touch areas are aggressively sterilized after each patient to ensure a healthy, safe environment.

Transforming Your Smile with Lumineers

Dreaming of white teeth and a beautiful smile? Lumineers make it possible in just two simple appointments. Dr. Fifadara is very experienced with the Lumineers process and enjoys providing methods that will improve and enhance the smiles of her patients. She trained with a leading dentist specializing in the technique and has performed hundreds of Lumineers procedures. They are the perfect answer for addressing and correcting discolored teeth, as well as offering an alternative solution to traditional braces by easily correcting misaligned teeth. At a patient’s first appointment, the process involves Dr. Fifadara contouring and smoothing the teeth prior to taking an impression of your mouth, enabling Lumineers to be custom fitted to each tooth.

The Lumineers are positioned at the second appointment. Unlike veneers that cut into the tooth’s structure and require the mouth to be numbed, your tooth’s enamel is still strong and present. The thin, porcelain layer of each Lumineer is individually placed by Dr. Fifadara and cemented to the front of each tooth without causing damage to its structure. The good news is you won’t have to worry about staining Lumineers. The integrity of the porcelain enables them to maintain the same color as when they were originally placed. The result is a smile you can be proud of. “It’s a very gratifying experience to see my patients finally be able to smile and allow their confidence to shine.”

Dr. Fifadara has introduced other technologically advanced treatments to make smiles more functional and attractive. Just as Lumineers offer an alternative to traditional braces, so does Invisalign’s clear, corrective appliance. The device snaps into place over the teeth, allowing movement without the interference of metal. In addition to these advancements, Dr. Fifadara offers and performs routine dental exams and cleanings, periodontal therapy, tooth extractions, root canal therapy, dentures, porcelain veneers, gum contouring and crown lengthening, dental crowns, and metal-free, tooth-colored restorations and fillings. She takes special care in devising a treatment plan that each patient is comfortable with, while keeping their objectives in mind.

Dr. Fifadara and her husband have two children. Dr. Fifadara remains actively involved in her community, encouraging future generations to learn the importance of maintaining good oral health. For fun and relaxation, she enjoys painting and photography. She has captured Fulshear’s charm and hometown atmosphere through the lens of her camera and displays her photographic images on the walls of her Fulshear Dental office.


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By Melissa Gautier
Photos by Kelley Sweet Photography

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