Front Porch Sittin’

summer time porch livingThe joys of getting ready to soak in the summer

By Cheryl Alexander

Summer is right around the corner and I’m already anticipating the warmer weather, greener lawns, and longer days. To me, there’s no better spot to welcome summer’s arrival than on a front porch.

The magic of sitting on the front porch has everything to do with a worn and comfortable rocking chair or a slightly squeaky porch swing or a table set with just the right amount of casual sass.  Time slows to a snail’s pace on a porch, and yet it’s easy to spend the whole day there.  I’m sitting in one of those rocking chairs right now as I write this from the porch at my dad’s house in the country.

Today I’m the first to wake, and with that advantage I can clearly hear the morning’s songs: the lapping water of the lake, soothing and calming in its consistency, and the birds making their morning calls. There is a cool breeze coming off the water and steam is rising from the wet grass in the field.

On a porch, sitting still is easy. It asks us to settle down and read a book or a magazine with a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a cold glass of tea in the heat of the day. It offers a place to spend time with friends and family sharing stories of the past or dreams of the future in the early light of day or as the moon begins to rise. It beckons… come on and swing or rock while you have a nice chat, make a new plan, or compose a great idea.

And it whispers that it’s perfectly fine to sit and do nothing.  Just watch the leaves dance or laugh at the dogs racing after ducks and rolling in the leaves. You don’t even have to talk. You can just rock and swing and smile. A nap is always welcome—especially after a day full of swimming or fishing or gardening or cooking. A short nap with the sounds of the day all around is just the little pick-me-up anyone needs.

Around dusk, everyone will start vibrating again, looking forward to a shared meal with family and friends. Sometimes it’s just a few of us, but sometimes it’s more. There will always be enough plates and chairs and food to accommodate whoever shows up. The same stories will be told again and again and the laughter just as loud every time.

Porch-sittin’ is a blessing. Get out there and enjoy it.

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