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Top Docs 2021 - John Standefer, MD, FACS

By Meredith Knight

The pandemic has had some unexpected consequences—to say the least. One of them is the “the Zoom Boom”. If you’ve spent months staring at yourself on one Zoom meeting after another, you know there’s only so much proper lighting and screen placement can do. YouTube videos on improving your screen appearance are in abundance and sales of face-flattering ring lights have skyrocketed. As a result, many men and women are seeking the help of an experienced facial cosmetic surgeon like Dr. John Standefer to make those face and neck improvements.

“Many of us are seeing our own reflection, for hours at a time,” Dr. Standefer said. “It’s only natural to start noticing lines and drooping we hadn’t seen before. I’m doing a lot of virtual consultations with people who are seeing things on their computer screens they don’t like. We can talk, while they’re comfortably at home, and discuss the simple, subtle changes they’d like to make.”

Dr. Standefer who says he stopped counting the number of cosmetic surgeries he’s performed at 8,000, has worked as a facial cosmetic surgeon for 36 years and seen trends come and go. But he says he’s never seen a better time to improve your appearance through cosmetic surgery and aesthetic services. “Since we’re still not getting out as much and wearing a mask when we do, most people find it’s the perfect time to recover from surgery,” he said.

“I’m particularly excited about a new minimally invasive neck lift called MyEllevate,” Dr. Standefer said. “If you’re not ready for a facelift or don’t ever want a facelift, this in-office procedure can refine your neck and jawline, taking years off your appearance, with minimal downtime. MyEllevate uses a suture suspension system to support underlying neck tissue without incisions or skin removal. The results have been phenomenal.”

With any procedure he performs, Dr. Standefer aims for natural-looking results. “I want you to look like you, only refreshed,” he said. “The biggest compliment I can hear is ‘nobody noticed I had surgery’.” Dr. Standefer is double-board certified and performs facial plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures using the latest laser technology.

Meet Dr. Standefer

Even as a kid, John Standefer knew he wanted to be a doctor. “When I played make-believe with my friends, I was always the doctor,” he said. “My mother was an artist. My father owned a Chevrolet dealership where I watched mechanics repairing cars. I was able to join all that artistry and technology into a job I love. This really isn’t work to me. It’s something I love to do.”

When not on the job, Dr. Standefer enjoys outdoor photography and traveling to find the perfect shot. He’s an empty nester whose wife, Bevan, he says is, “my best friend and my biggest supporter.” A proud A & M graduate, he sponsors annual scholarships for future Aggies.


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