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By David Buice

One of the major trends in medicine and dentistry today is consolidation, large medical companies buying up and taking over the operation of smaller clinical facilities. The downside of this process is that patients are often left wondering which doctor they will see and whether that doctor will pass them on to another practitioner for more advanced treatment.

This is never the case at Fort Bend Dental, where patients from Fort Bend County and the Greater Houston area have been treated for more than 30 years. While the practice has grown to three locations, each is a self-contained unit, and no one has to go to another location for additional treatment. From general dentistry to the most advanced cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, Fort Bend patients receive all their dental care on-site at the location of their choice.

A Commitment to Community

“We’re not just your dentists,” says Dr. Dwight Peccora,“we’re also your friends and neighbors, and if we meet you in the grocery store, rest assured, we’re going to take the time to find out how you’re doing, what’s happening with your kids or grandkids, and how you’re handling the pandemic.”

“This attention to our neighbors,” he adds, “builds ethics and accountability and makes us who we are.”

Today’s Most Advanced Dental Technology

In addition to this commitment on the part of Fort Bend Dental associates to be active, involved partners in the community where they live and work, the treatment at all Fort Bend Dental practices is based on the use of today’s most advanced dental technology, including in-house lab work performed at each of its locations.

“Over the years,” says Dr. Peccora, “consolidation has not only affected medical and dental offices but lab facilities as well. Unfortunately, we found that the labs we were using for patient services were sometimes sending our work out to other labs, including some in countries outside the U.S. whose standards did not align with ours. Our solution to substandard lab work was to create our own on-site labs at each of our facilities, and that’s what we have done.”

Custom Crowns in a Day

An excellent example of the advanced services available to patients at Fort Bend Dental is the CEREC technology that provides same-day dental crowns. Through the use of CEREC technology, the doctors at any of the Fort Bend Dental offices can design, create and provide their patients with beautiful, high-quality restorations with only one office visit.

This technology offers numerous benefits, beyond completion of the entire process in a single visit. There is no need for a temporary crown between visits, and there are costs savings as all work is done in-house.

CEREC crowns are strong and durable, completely sealing the tooth and protecting it from further damage and decay, and CEREC-made crowns can last as long as traditionally made crowns.

A Life Changed

While the technology is extremely important, undergirding everything at Fort Bend Dental is their doctors’ unwavering commitment to the welfare of their patients.

A typical example is that of Holly Frayley, who admits making bad lifestyle choices in her younger years, including neglect of her teeth. Over the years these began taking their toll, creating a sense of personal insecurity when interacting with family, friends, and business clients.

Initially, she went to Fort Bend Dental for what she calls “Zoom whitening” of her teeth, but that led to more extensive dental care which, in the end, restored her personal confidence and self-image to what it had once been years earlier.

Commenting on Frayley’s care at Fort Bend Dental, Dr. Peccora says, “Sometimes the treatment involves more than the mechanics and the medicine, instead helping the patient reach their end-goal, leaving dentistry in the background and getting to be ’me.’ Her treatment not only brought out the best in her, but the best in our team as well. We’re focused on providing customized care for each individual patient.”

Looking back on her experience at Fort Bend Dental, Frayley adds, “They always went above and beyond every time I was there. There’s no reason to live in pain or fear, because life is too short for that.”

Smiles All Around

Summing up the Fort Bend Dental practice, Dr. Peccora says, “We want to be the reason why people smile, and we also want to be the dental practice that our patients trust because of the relationships we have built with them.”


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