First Baptist Academy in Houston

In her years at First Baptist Academy, Head of School Teresa Chambers has watched hundreds of children discover the truth of God and what it means in their lives. Now, she’s seeing some of those “kids” return to FBA with children of their own. Rooted in the ministry of Houston’s First Baptist Church (HFBC), FBA serves students from infant through 8th Grade and their families, equipping them with the truth of God’s word while developing them academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually. FBA students are taught to explore their unique God-given talents, create environments of growth, and lead others toward the cross.

Dedicated Faculty

“We see a Christian education as vital for raising kids up with a Christian world view,” Mrs. Chambers said. “Our FBA faculty is dedicated to developing each child’s character, intellect, and potential to explore, create, challenge, and lead. Our faculty takes their leadership role with students personally. You can see this at sporting events when there are as many teachers in the stands as there are parents. I see it during the day when teachers use their free time to tutor or counsel a student, or when a teacher is home sick but insists on Zooming their lesson to their class. Our teachers are key to helping create young people with a strong Christian identity.”

Biblical Integration

The FBA curriculum tightly integrates Christian faith into learning in every class and every activity. “Our teachers are great about sharing their own personal journeys of faith with the students,” Mrs. Chambers said. “With an average one-to-16 teacher/student ratio, our teachers are able to know each child and their families and they truly care about them. One of our themes is ‘known and loved.’ This refers to the way we know and are known by God, but it also refers to the relationships between our faculty, administration, students, and families. Our students know when they come to one of our teachers they are known and loved by them. Each child is unique and uniquely gifted by God.”

Raising up Leaders

“In addition to rigorous academics, it’s important to us that we teach students to embrace their God-given talents and gifts,” Mrs. Chambers said. “For some this may mean a focus on science, for others it may be the arts. Our eighth grade graduates are routinely admitted to some of the top high schools in the greater Houston area and continue to perform well, both academically and socially. We focus on developing traits of great leadership—exceptional listening and communication, empathy, exploring all aspects of an issue, and being open to new possibilities. By equipping our students with these skills, we hope to prepare them for any course they may take in life.”

Extracurricular Offerings

FBA students have access to a variety of sports and fine arts opportunities. Unlike at larger schools, at FBA it’s possible—and encouraged—for a student to participate in multiple interests. In fact, 5th graders are required to participate in band, drama, and art to explore and discover where their talents lie. Then by 6th grade they can begin participating in athletics programs with the 7th and 8th graders. FBA fine arts offerings include drama, band, choir, and visual art with a fine arts chapel scheduled each semester to highlight student accomplishments.  “I love seeing one of the football players participating in choir or drama,” Mrs. Chambers said. “Exposure to so many extracurricular offerings really helps them explore their potential and discover where their gifts lie.”

Mission Opportunities

FBA students reach out into the community and beyond through the Warriors Serve program. “Each student is required to put in service hours,” Mrs. Chambers said. “We provide service opportunities on campus such as collecting Christmas gifts for families in need, holding food drives for the local food bank, and sending cards to residents of an assisted living facility. We also go to the facility to perform and bring gifts to the seniors. Students also volunteer for ministries at the church. Because of COVID-19, we’ve had to be a little more creative, but we never want to neglect teaching the kids to be God’s hands and feet on Earth.”

Kindergarten Roundtable

Although FBA cannot safely hold large open house events, they’re scheduling smaller roundtable events for parents of children who’ll be entering kindergarten. “We want to give parents the chance to see all FBA has to offer and to partner with them to raise of a generation of difference makers.” For other grades, our admissions team is offering personalized virtual tours for parents. Visit for more information or to sign up.


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