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By Samantha Gluck

We all have unique interior lives.

It’s part of being human. This interior life includes self-talk. You know, those silent conversations you have with yourself. Do you entertain a steady stream of negative attitudes and self-talk? “I never measure up.” “I always mess things up.” Our self-perceptions matter because they color how we see the outside world. It’s time to add tools to your interior toolbox that will allow you to identify these subtle negative thought streams and change them. It’s time to discover Unity of Houston.

Your True Self Blooms with Positive Spirituality

“Positive spirituality is at the core of Unity of Houston,” says Senior Minister, Reverend Michael Gott. He says it might be different from the typical spiritual traditions you’ve experienced because it involves a deliberate focus on creative positive thinking. “It helps you work with your spiritual energy in a positive way so, you can see yourself and your potential more clearly,” he explains.

Michael affirms that everyone has habits or flaws that they may need to work toward eliminating, but approaching them in a judgmental, legalistic way usually only makes things worse. Instead, he and his ministerial staff help people work through these things using methodology that focuses on positive action. So when counseling someone who wishes to change something he or she perceives as a bad habit, the minister will explore the underlying cause by identifying what unmet need this habit fulfills. Once identified, the minister will lead the person toward transformation using positive spiritual techniques.

Unity of Houston offers an inclusive environment that provides a safe haven for people who want to transform their lives, evolve spiritually, and live abundantly. “We have members from all races, faiths, creeds, ethnicities, abilities, and national origins, so we mean it when we say all are welcome,” Michael said when describing the people of the church. He went on to say that some people attend worship services at a traditional church, synagogue, or mosque and then attend services and classes at Unity afterward.

Spiritual or Religious — What’s the Difference?

Ideally, a person who is deeply devoted to his or her religion is also deeply spiritual, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes religion can make people feel like they’re just going through the motions and lacking depth and relevance to their lives. Likewise, one can be deeply spiritual even without affiliation to what people typically view as a traditional religion. Many younger people—like the Millennials and the Gen-Y set for example—have found that traditional religions do not resonate with them. They prefer to travel in the wide lane and discover their own spiritual path, learning to approach their issues with positivity and acceptance.

Michael explains that they take “an extremely positive approach to life, emphasizing our Oneness in God and the inherent goodness in people and all of life.” This emphasis on positive spirituality allows people the freedom to explore who they really are and discover their true selves made in the image of God.

100 Years and Counting

Last year, Unity of Houston celebrated its 100- year anniversary. When asked about goals for the next 100 years, Michael had this to say: “I want to focus on the question, ‘What can we do to really support young families?’ My idea is to think on a generational level. Families are changing. The traditional nuclear family, while still important, just isn’t the experience of many families today. Non-traditional families are becoming increasingly common and visible. I want to help all varieties of families find their true center—their spiritual core.” That’s a daunting, but extremely worthy goal, and if anyone can make progress in that area, it’s Reverend Michael Gott and his ministerial staff.

Experience an Easter Sunday Extravaganza

When asked about his plans for Easter Sunday, Michael’s already joyful, positive demeanor rocketed up several levels. “We have big plans for Easter,” he gushed, “Easter Sunday is our largest event of the year. We have incredible music, lots of activities for families and kids, in addition to the requisite Easter egg hunt. Services are at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM and then the children’s festivities begin.”

Please note: While we have an incredible service planned with lots of fun family activities, the recent CDC recommendations for reducing the spread of COVID-19 may still be in effect on Easter Sunday. In the event this occurs, the services will still be a glorious experience and we invite you to watch them via livestream video at or on Facebook by searching Unity of Houston.

Michael summed up Unity’s message in one beautiful sentence: “We teach the intrinsic worth of every human being and work to empower people to reach their spiritual potential so they can live the life of their dreams.” Sounds great to us. See you at Unity of Houston!


Senior Minister
Reverend Michael Gott

Unity of Houston
2929 Unity Drive
Houston, Texas 77057


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