Female C-Suite Team Shares Their Stories and Inspiration

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – McKinney

Baylor-Scott-White-McKinney-Living-Magazine“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”

This quote from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg speaks volumes. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – McKinney knows actions speak louder than words and sets the bar high. The hospital creates a path toward leadership for women not because they are female or as a token gesture, but because they possess superb skills and clear leadership qualities.

BSW – McKinney’s women in the C-Suite serve as president and CEO, chief nursing officer, and chief financial officer. This vibrant, dynamic team celebrates one another’s unique strengths and leads the organization with open communication, collaboration, transparency, empowerment, and compassion. Grounded in their faith, they share a calling to serve the greater good. Below, each tells her story of inspiration and journey as a leader.

Trial by Fire, Rising Above, Reaching Beyond

Erin Blair 
President and CEO

Erin’s passion for working in healthcare was inspired by her mother, who was a hospital administrator. She admired her leadership and enjoyed listening to the stories of serving others. After completing a Master of Science in healthcare administration at Trinity University, Erin joined Baylor Scott & White as an administrative fellow. She served as director of professional services before being promoted to vice president of operations.

When the pandemic emerged earlier this year, Erin was interim president at BSW – McKinney. Her vision and leadership skills didn’t go unnoticed as she guided the hospital through uncharted waters. In May of 2020, Erin was named president and CEO.

“COVID-19 tested us all and unlocked our strength of character and commitment,” Erin says. “The crisis pulled out what we’re made of. Senior leadership and our team of caregivers shined. We’re proud of what we accomplished and where we are going as we look to the future.”

Leading by example, Erin cultivates a culture of cohesiveness, support, cooperation, mutual trust, and respect. “I love this hospital. It’s my home base, and this is ‘our house.’ Everyone has strengths they bring to the table, and the energy across the organization is palpable.”

Erin’s leadership style is to “communicate, communicate, communicate.” Along with this, she values and promotes transparency and teamwork within the organization. “Together, we are stronger. It’s who we are!”



True to her Vision, Exercising Powerful Resolve

Trang Nguyen  
Chief Nursing Officer

Trang is a first-generation Vietnamese American who grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas. Her parents urged her to become a doctor and worried about her being out on her own. Strong-willed and independent, Trang was determined to forge her path in life. She earned a degree in nursing from Midwestern State University, married, and started her family.

As life evolved, Trang became a single mom and remained single for eight years. During that time, she commuted 45 minutes to Dallas, pursuing her dream as a leader, progressing through the ranks. After hours, she devoted hours to earning a Master of Science degree in nursing administration. “I was busy but made it to every soccer practice and game and was active in my children’s lives,” she says. Now remarried, Trang enjoys spending her days with her husband and two children.

Trang was thrilled to find work close to home at BSW – McKinney as the director of nursing. In 2019 she became the vice president of patient care services and was promoted to chief nursing officer in January of 2020, right before COVID-19 hit.

“With COVID-19, it was all hands-on deck,” Trang says. “We decided to work in the boardroom daily as a team and discussed everything from hospital guidelines and changes to our feelings and vulnerabilities. We were open and completely there for one another and the hospital. This strengthened our bond and helped shape us into the special team we are today with great chemistry and synergy.”

Trang adds, “We’re all parents handling the challenges of work-life blending and are supportive and understanding. I believe this, too, helps bring out the best in all of us.”



More than Numbers, Helping Others

Kimberly Bones 
Chief Financial Officer

Kimberly grew up in a working-class family that valued hard work. Although her parents didn’t finish college, they urged their children to get a college education. All five children received undergraduate degrees, and three completed graduate school, including Kimberly, who earned an MBA at Texas Tech with a healthcare administration concentration. She went on to complete an administrative residency and fellowship working for a CFO in the healthcare industry.

Kimberly held different positions at BSW Health as she progressed in her career. One of her early supporters was a male boss who recognized her ability and became a mentor, helping her to grow.

Although Kimberly now oversees BSW – McKinney’s financial matters, she loves to walk around the hospital, meeting patients and guests. “I love helping and taking care of people, which probably makes me a little different than the stereotype of people in financial roles,” Kimberly says.

“I enjoy working in a hospital environment where I can see how I’m making an impact. Talking with our patients and guests re-energizes me and helps me stay grounded.”

“We have something incredibly special here at BSW – McKinney,” Kimberly adds. “There’s a rare combination of authenticity, trust, compassion, and honesty. This not only makes the hospital a great place to work but a great place to be a patient.”


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Tips for Women in Business

“Remain humble. It’s not a race for a title. Build your experience and reputation.” – Erin Blair

“Don’t think that as a female, you aren’t as eligible or qualified for a position. Be confident in your abilities.” – Kimberly Bones

“Build your own castle. Don’t look for what somebody else can give to you.” – Trang Nguyen

“Work-life balance is elusive. Never lose sight of what is most important to you. That will always be your compass.” – Erin Blair

“Everyone needs a strong support system. Don’t buy into the idea you can do everything by yourself.”
– Kimberly Bones

“Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. Give yourself some grace.”
– Trang Nguyen