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Family Care and Wellness


When families think about what is most important to them, the subject of quality healthcare often comes up. More than someone who simply prescribes medicine and administers shots, they want a doctor with a compassionate, comprehensive approach to health and wellness — an inviting practice that listens, strives for no wait times, and has its patients’ best interests at heart. And once they’ve found that doctor, they cannot imagine going anywhere else.

For families around Allen, Family Care & Wellness fits that description to a T. Amid a sea of facilities that approach medicine the traditional way, Family Care & Wellness has developed a loyal following with its patient-centric approach to care.

Tariq Mallick, MD, and his wife, Zayba Hoda, PA-C, founded Family Care & Wellness under the guiding premise of treating the whole patient in a collaborative, family environment. This has led to a unique setup, with services ranging from wellness and physical exams to managing chronic and acute medical conditions. They provide allergy testing, weight-loss management, IV vitamin infusions, bioidentical hormone replacement, and so much more.

“For us, it’s not about just writing a prescription. We want to truly help people on their wellness journey,” Zayba said. She adds that even the clinic’s decor is meant to be soothing to help people feel at ease.

Dr. Mallick and Zayba believe that by spending more time with patients, the relationship organically becomes collaborative, and outcomes are better when patients take ownership in their health. “We encourage our patients to ask questions,” Dr. Mallick said. “Patient engagement is key in improving health.”

Affordable Concierge Care Patients Rave About

Nothing was overlooked in their approach to care, including finding ways to make healthcare more affordable. Dr. Mallick and Zayba offer affordable concierge care. This includes discounts on labs and diagnostic tests, telehealth, unlimited clinic visits, low-cost prescriptions, no copays, and free physical exams. In addition to providing chronic care management and care for acute conditions through traditional medicine, they also provide several wellness services such as bioidentical hormone replacement for men and women, IV vitamin infusions, and natural supplements.

This concierge care is also available to employers who find it difficult to offer healthcare through traditional insurance. This helps in recruiting and retaining staff and gives more people access to important services.

“If you spend time and listen to people, you have a better idea of what’s really going on with them,” Dr. Mallick said.

Naturally, patients feel like they are getting unrivaled care under one roof. One patient said, “I cannot believe how lucky I was to find Family Care & Wellness. Zayba and Dr. Mallick are the most kind and attentive healthcare professionals I have ever encountered.” Another patient said, “There is no judgment when you walk through the doors, and they spend time with you instead of shuffling you out as quickly as possible. The atmosphere is warm and professional. I recommend them to anyone who asks.”

The praise doesn’t stop there. Another patient said, “Dr. Mallick and his staff are off-the-charts excellent! Having been in the medical/dental field myself, I am so grateful that I was accepted as a patient in their practice. Nothing about my visit was rushed, and it is an extremely pleasant atmosphere. All questions answered, and I look forward to being a most compliant patient. We as the public are so fortunate that Dr Mallick is practicing medicine in our community.”

Experienced Providers in Your Corner

The icing on the cake is their experience. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Mallick completed his residency from the Mercy/Mayo Family Practice Residency Program and graduated with a degree from the Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medicine and a business degree from the Henry B. Tippie School of Management.

Zayba double majored in biology and psychology for her Bachelor of Science and obtained her master’s in physician assistant studies from the University of Florida. She has also obtained training and certification as a health coach. This training is valuable in helping her clients fulfill their healthcare goals.

“As well as being a physician assistant, Zayba doubles as the clinic’s practice manager, which means she has a pulse on front and back office operations, making sure that the patient experience is excellent from the time their appointment is made and throughout their visit,” Dr. Mallick said.

“We love getting to know our patients and taking care of them,” Dr. Mallick added. “One of the things I’ve learned is that health is tied to life. If you can understand a person’s life, you can understand the patient.”

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement is Here

That unwavering commitment to health and wellness and each patient’s needs is showcased in the variety of services this practice offers. This includes bioidentical hormone replacement. With age, men and women may sometimes experience uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue, decreased concentration, memory loss, low libido, and lack of sleep. More often than not, this is due to a hormonal imbalance.

Family Care & Wellness offers Pure-T Identical Hormone replacement pellets, which release bioidentical testosterone over time to restore optimal hormone levels and enhance quality of life. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses natural, plant-derived hormones, which mimic those produced by your body, thereby presenting fewer side effects than traditional synthetic hormones. As your hormones return to optimal levels, you’ll experience more energy, better sleep, enhanced focus, and improved quality of life.

“We are trying to address all aspects of a patient’s health and wellness that can be taken care of at the primary care level,” Zayba said. “When we opened our practice, we knew we were going to do things differently.”

Dr. Mallick added, “We do many things at Family Care & Wellness. But most importantly, we are about people.”


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