Eye Trends-Barker Cypress

Dr. Dana Ziskrout and Dr. Katie Pham aren’t your typical husband and wife medical team. As partners at Eye Trends-Barker Cypress, they see their profession as a business of compassion. Working together since 2002 in their private practice, they’ve come to see the Cypress community and their patients as family, friends, and neighbors. It’s never been just a job for these two doctors, and it shows in everything they do.

“We understand that vision and seeing are important components of eye care, however, a detailed evaluation of one’s eye health is imperative and just as significant,” says Dr. Ziskrout. “The eyes, when properly assessed, can show us your overall systemic health. Using Optomap technology, we evaluate patients’ eyes for common and not so common disorders like diabetes, hypertension, macular degeneration, various types of tumors and cancers, autoimmune diseases, retinal holes, tears and detachments, and the list goes on. Sadly, most of these conditions do not produce early symptoms to alert patients. Therefore, regular detailed eye evaluations are the best way to minimize potential health concerns.”

A Mix of Compassion and Expertise

“Our daily goal is to enhance peoples’ lives for the better in our practice,” says Dr. Ziskrout. “With decades of comprehensive education and detailed training, Dr. Pham, our associate Dr. Huy Nguyen and I, strive to ensure each visit to our practice is a fun, thorough, and informative experience.”

At Eye Trends-Barker Cypress, they put their patients’ needs first, and it’s clearly visible in all areas of their practice. Their team members are handpicked for their caring personalities and good hearts. According to Dr. Pham, “If they’re compassionate and considerate, our patients benefit.”

One of the greatest gifts in life is sight. Drs. Ziskrout and Pham created a niche to successfully manage keratoconus, a debilitating corneal disorder that can severely affect vision. Use of a special rigid contact lens, called the Jupiter Lens, has enabled countless patients to safely drive again, to increase performance at school, and simply enjoy a better, more fulfilling quality of life.

About Dr. Ziskrout and Dr. Pham

Dr. Katie Pham grew up in Beaumont, Texas and attended Texas A & M majoring in engineering and biochemistry. She is a 1999 graduate from the University of Houston College of Optometry. In addition to her thorough academic education and years of experience, she is very skilled in co-managing all refractive surgery patients as she practiced locally at a prominent LASIK center before helping create Eye Trends-Barker Cypress.

Dr. Ziskrout was born in Los Angeles, California and began his ophthalmic career in 1985 with an associate’s degree in ophthalmic dispensing. In 1990, Dr. Ziskrout attended California State University of Los Angeles, majoring in biological sciences. In 1994, he transferred to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in vision science. In 1997, Dr. Ziskrout earned his Doctorate in Optometry from Pacific University College of Optometry. After graduation, he moved to Houston where he was promoted to chief resident during his postdoctoral residency at the University of Houston College of Optometry.

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By Susan Ishmael

Photography by Stephanie Quates Photography