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Executive Medicine of Texas SD 3-16 Spot NTC_WEB1Executive Medicine of Texas is a leading integrative medical practice, founded on the principle of treating each patient as an individual with unique needs. They help people have a chance at a longer and healthier life through their proactive approach. Walter Gaman, MD, FAAFP, and Mark Anderson, MD, DAAFP, have spent their medical careers focusing on the latest developments in preventative medicine and then applying those developments to their practice. This may be why they have been awarded so many accolades over the years.

While both Drs. Gaman and Anderson have been practicing in Texas for several decades, they opened their Executive Medicine of Texas practice in Southlake in 2005. They have not only established a following with local residents, but they attract individual and corporate clients from around the world. “Our reputation has made it more than half-way around the globe,” explained Judy Gaman, Director of Business Development. “It makes for an interesting day. We may have someone from Southlake in one room and someone from Bermuda or Ireland in the next.”

When asked about their style of practice, the answer is simply put by Dr. Anderson. “We sat down and outlined the experience we wanted for our families,” he said. “That included five-star service and a five-star facility with cutting edge medical care. Then we decided to open that facility and treat our patients like family.” In addition to being board certified in Family Practice, Dr. Anderson also holds a certification in Age Management through the Age Management Medicine Education Foundation (AMMEF).

Executive Physical Examinations

Say goodbye to that 10-minute physical exam and instead spend a half day with the physicians and staff in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Even the most basic exam packages have over 100 different lab values followed by a number of diagnostic tests that look at the heart, lungs, autonomic nervous system, memory, and much more. When all the testing is complete and the results are in, the patient is presented with a leather binder containing all their results and an executive summary outlining the findings along with a plan of action.

Concierge Medicine Memberships

Patients seeking year-round care can take advantage of one of their many levels of concierge packages. These packages don’t just include primary care for the entire year; some even include imaging services, with all including Air Medical Transfer in case of a hospitalization while out of town. Same-day or next-day appointments are standard, and patients on these plans carry their Executive Medicine of Texas physician’s cell phone number in case of an emergency.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and Age Management

For those looking for more energy, improved libido, and increased lean muscle mass, bioidentical hormone replacement may be the answer. A few things set the Executive Medicine of Texas hormone replacement programs apart. First, they start with comprehensive lab work that looks not just at hormones, but other factors that may play a role in similar symptoms. Second, they offer two yearly memberships: Limitless Hormonal Optimization Membership which covers hormone replacement and prescribed supplements, and Age Management Concierge Membership, an annual plan that starts with an executive physical exam and also includes hormone replacement, lab work, supplements, and primary care for the course of a year.

Unique Testing

In keeping with the physicians’ pledge to offer cutting-edge testing, each year they make new tests available to their patients. Some of the most popular tests include micronutrient analysis, telomere measurement, and food sensitivity. Micronutrient analysis looks at 27 different micronutrients within the cell to look for deficiencies that may be leading to physical symptoms. Telomere testing actually measures the length of the telomere, the strands at the end of chromosomes to determine how fast a patient is aging on a cellular level versus their chronological age. ALCAT® food sensitivity testing is a blood test that determines what food, herbs, or additives may be causing a patient symptoms, such as inflammation, pain, or weight gain.

Private Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement Line

After discovering a number of patients were testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies despite the fact that they were on seemingly reputable supplements, the physicians decided to take action. They spent years developing a private, pharmaceutical grade supplement line that meets only the highest standards through quality assurance testing. Since Dr. Gaman has personal experience with celiac disease, their Stay Young supplement line consists mostly of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian formulas. These supplements are also free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.

Executive Medicine of Texas SD 3-16 Spot NTC_WEB2Dr. Gaman, who practiced in Canada prior to coming to the United States, knows both sides of the healthcare system. “We are fortunate to live in a country where physicians and patients have an option like this to work together to do what is best. Everything we do is based on individual needs and not on governmental statistics or insurance barriers. My passion is helping people be as healthy as possible. It’s not just the number of years you live, but the quality of those years.”

In addition to seeing patients and changing lives in the office, both physicians, along with Judy Gaman, have co-authored numerous publications, including their latest award-winning book Age to Perfection: How to Thrive to 100: Happy, Healthy, and Wise. “This book was an experience we will never forget,” said Judy Gaman. “Interviewing centenarians was a life-changing experience. It’s one thing to review the research, but it’s quite another to talk to those who have been there and done that.”

For patients and even non-patients, they can learn from these experts on medicine, health, and wellness by tuning in each week to their nationally syndicated Staying Young Radio Show which airs locally on 1080 KRLD at 4 p.m. on Sundays. The past shows, along with daily Stay Young Medical Minutes, can also be heard as a podcast on iTunes under “Staying Young Show 2.0” or by going to StayYoungAmerica.com.

The physicians and staff at Executive Medicine of Texas take what they do seriously, but they also enjoy every minute of it. It shows by the smiles on their faces and the passion they share for helping others. That is why so many people around the world call Executive Medicine of Texas their medical home—because everyone is treated like family.



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Mark Anderson, MD, DAAFP, and Walter Gaman, MD, FAAFP

1545 East Southlake Boulevard, Suite 110

Southlake, Texas 76092

(817) 552-4300


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