Exciting Innovations In Men’s Sexual Wellness, At Your Doorstep


True to our promise of delivering cutting edge nonsurgical solutions, PAS is proud to present a comprehensive men’s sexual health program with GAINSWave®. GAINSWave® is the nation’s leader in ED treatment using elegant sound wave technology. This sound wave therapy, also known as ESWT, painlessly and effectively treats several of the root causes of ED, while stimulating new nerve and blood vessel growth. GAINSwave® is now a powerful adjunct to our modern, regenerative services to deliver powerful results. Indeed, PAS is proud to be recognized as a Center of Excellence for the P-Shot, a simple 2-minute treatment that uses your body’s own blood plasma. In addition to GAINSWave® and the P-Shot, we also offer provide bioidentical Testosterone optimization, and advanced pharmaceutical aid when needed.

Who is the ideal candidate for our services? Any male wanting to feel more confident about his sexual wellness. We provide innovative, nonsurgical methods of maintaining maximal function in a normal male, as well as those suffering from mild, moderate, and advanced
erectile dysfunction.

Our exceptional staff is highly trained and understanding to the sensitive nature of sexual wellness. With years of combined experience in sexual and hormone wellness, a patient can rest assured knowing he will receive compassionate care, in a professional, yet
intimate environment.

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