Embracing the “Yes” Philosophy at McKinney Dentist

Dr. Trevor Madden a Second-Generation Dental Professional

By Meredith Knight

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a rare opportunity for Dr. Trevor Madden and his wife, Karen, to slow down and just spend time with their kids. Without the million and one activities that usually pack the nights and weekends of young families, they found themselves on the tennis court with nine-year-old Chloe and five-year-old William. “It was a safe activity where we could get out, enjoy fresh air and exercise, and even be social but at a safe distance,” Dr. Madden said. “Karen grew up playing tennis with her family. Now we’re enjoying the same tradition with our kids. I’m looking forward to seeing them each develop as a tennis player.” Like many of us, the Maddens look back at the pandemic year and realize it was packed with special family moments.

Dr. Madden comes to dentistry as a second career but was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly he transitioned from his first. “I was a firefighter and paramedic for seven years in Colorado,” he said. “But there was one day I realized it was time for a change.” He tells the story like this. The manufacturer of the fire boots he’d always worn altered their design. He’d been happy with the old design and, no matter how he tried to retrofit the new ones, he never got the right fit again.

“I did everything I could to modify them,” he said. “I added custom insoles. I wrapped them in duct tape. They just didn’t work for me anymore. Struggling with them one day, I realized those boots were a metaphor for my career. I’d been happy with my career as a firefighter and paramedic, but it became clear to me that day that it didn’t fit me anymore and it was time for a change.”

Raised with a dentist father and a dental hygienist mother, Dr. Madden had spent considerable time around the family dental practice, enough to imagine it was a career he’d enjoy. Little did he realize at the time the correlations between his first career and second.

“Dental emergencies are my favorite,” Dr. Madden said. “It’s rewarding to take somebody who’s in pain and offer them relief. It’s a different kind of ‘rescue,’ but it still feels good to help and serve. As a firefighter, we don’t see people on their best days but hopefully, their day is better because we are there. As a dentist, many of my patients are feeling anxious when they come to see me. And there are things I can do to make their experience better. Whether it’s nitrous oxide, IV sedation, oral sedation, or it’s just me taking my time to listen to their concerns and address their fears, I can make their experience in my chair better. My goal is to connect with each patient, meet them where they are, and give them the best dental experience they can have.”

As a general dentist, Dr. Madden handles everything from routine maintenance to emergency reconstruction, tooth extraction, orthodontics, crowns, bridges, and more. “I knew about the McKinneyDentist.com practice long before I came to work here,” he said. “I took the opportunity to study under and shadow Drs. Berlin and Lynch. I was especially interested in their same-day appointment policy and their ‘yes’ philosophy—looking for ways to say yes to any request their patients make. I never dreamed I’d have the opportunity to join the team. Karen and I are thrilled to be raising our family in this community, and I couldn’t be happier to work with my mentors, as well as Drs. Morkos and Callison. These are fine men and gifted dentists. Almost 1,300 positive online reviews attest to that. Among us, we can offer our patients all the dental care they need under one roof — including implants and complete smile makeovers. The patient always comes first at McKinneyDentist.com.”

When not on the job, Dr. Madden enjoys road cycling, fly fishing, swimming with the kids, barbecuing, and tennis. He and Karen love to travel and enjoy sampling new cuisine and learning the history of the places they visit. Dr. Madden is looking forward to participating in free dental health days at McKinneyDentist.com and Karen is looking forward to volunteering at their Methodist church and around the community once William starts kindergarten in the fall.


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