Dr. Shanae Lowrance and Dr. Christina Leon

Lowrance Dental
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By Sydni Ellis

From collaborating on patient care to making after-hours TikTok dance videos for their office Instagram, Shanae Lowrance, DDS, and Christina Leon, DDS, of Lowrance Dental are always there for each other. Their friendship, joy, professionalism, and warm personalities help create the family-like atmosphere felt by everyone in the office.

Originally forming a friendship at Texas A&M College of Dentistry, Drs. Shanae and Christina expertly help patients while working to change the perception of women in dentistry. “For many years, it was male-dominated, but female dentists are now leveling the playing field,” says Dr. Leon. “Changing people’s perceptions that young women can be dentists is a challenge, but one we want to help pave the way for females considering dentistry in their future.” Drs. Lowrance and Leon love mentoring and allowing fellow pre-dental students to shadow through dental programs hosted by local high schools.

Another challenge female dentists and other professional working women face is balancing work and home life. Dr. Shanae views it as an opportunity to show compassion when treatment planning for her patients. “We have to learn to be better at multitasking, which comes as a real advantage when treating patients,” Dr. Shanae said. “We’re able to look at the bigger picture of our patient’s lives and how what we do affects them financially, emotionally, and socially while treating them with compassion.” 

Admittedly, Dr. Shanae’s dad, Stan Lowrance, DDS, and founder of Lowrance Dental, is also good at multi-tasking while showing compassion, but Dr. Shanae chalks that up to the influence of his wife, three sisters, and being surrounded by a wonderful team of women who make the office run smoothly. “Being supportive and nurturing is more natural to women, so we really strive to make our patient’s as comfortable as possible the minute they step through our doors,” she added. 

Because of their solid relationship with each other and Dr. Stan Lowrance, Shanae and Leon are comfortable working together and treating patients as a team. “Dentistry isn’t always so black and white,” explained Dr. Shanae. “There are different ways to treat patients, and having other doctors in the office to collaborate with is important to provide the most comprehensive care.”

Part of their job is combatting the fear and stigma of dental offices. That’s why they always have fun and encourage a light-hearted atmosphere at the office. Patient education is also embedded in everything they do and the key to their patient’s success when it comes to their oral health.

“Looking into someone’s mouth can be intrusive, and there’s a lot of phobias there,” said Dr. Shanae. “We like to get to know our patients, show them their intraoral photos and X-rays of their teeth, explain what their needs are, and let them ask questions to learn how treatment will impact them. Many patients claim it’s the most thorough exam they’ve ever had.”

“Women are the future of dentistry,” said Dr. Shanae. “It’s super important to stay true to our values so we can continue to grow this field.”


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Rockwall, Texas 75032
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