Ross J. Miller, DDS, PA


Ross J. Miller, DDS, PA Top Dentist 2020

Ross Miller admits he’s a bit of a geek when it comes to new dental technology. In fact, it’s the constantly advancing nature of dentistry that keeps his job fresh and challenging, even after 30 years. Dr. Miller recently added two new dental technologies that are making life better for his patients.

CEREC’s new PrimeScan uses computer-aided design (CAD) technology and software to design to create permanent dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, implants, bridges, onlays, et cetera. The technology includes a handheld intraoral camera, computer, and milling instrument. In the past, making single tooth restorations required multiple visits and those dreaded gooey dental molds. But CEREC PrimeScan uses digital imaging to form restorations in only one visit with technology that’s much more precise.

“I got the chance to use one and was floored by the accuracy,” Dr. Miller said. “Crowns often require some fine adjustments before they are cemented into place, but PrimeScan creates such detailed and accurate 3D digital images of the patient’s mouth that the crown went precisely into place, as if it were the natural tooth. I was just as amazed when I seated my first partial. It just clicked right in and the patient was ready to go home. Even compared to previous 3D dental scanners, the PrimeScan is faster and more accurate.”

Advanced Cancer Screening

There are 34,000 new cases of oral cancer and throat cancer in the United States each year. Dr. Miller also invested in an OralID scanner that helps him detect oral cancer when it’s in its earliest, most treatable stage. “OralID is a quick, noninvasive device that uses Fluorescence Visualization Technology to detect early changes in oral tissues under a special hand-held light,” Dr. Miller said. “We’re incorporating it into our standard oral exam in addition to visual and manual screening. OralID’s fluorescence technology gives us the most precise oral cancer screening without the need for rinses, dyes, or invasive instruments.”

Dr. Miller also uses the FDA-approved Fotona Lightwalker laser which allows him to work on hard tissue, such as a tooth, for fillings without the need for anesthesia. “It’s very precise and actually sterilizes the cavity prep area as I work,” he said. “It also increases the bond strength of the filling.”

As Dr. Miller sees his fifth generation of patients, he’s also entering a new stage in his home life. “My son just finished his first year as a U.S. Marine,” he said. “We’re so proud to see him serve his country. One daughter just graduated college, and another is a student at Arkansas. Another son is a senior playing baseball for Plano High and our youngest is playing select volleyball and headed to high school in the fall.” When he’s not at the office, Dr. Miller stays busy keeping up with all the kids’ activities and is an avid supporter of local nonprofits, including Special Olympics.




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