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By Meredith Knight

Not many students receive a standing ovation on their first day of medical school, but Rebecca Greco did. As she related, “Nearly 300 of the brightest individuals from all over the world were gathered in the auditorium on our first day. The dean began sharing something special about each student. When he said, ‘This student was the first in her family to attend high school, the auditorium went silent and the student next to me whispered, ‘Wow, who could that be?’ It was me. I was mortified in this auditorium full of bright students from highly educated families. I got up and slowly walked to the front of the auditorium where I received a standing ovation.”

It was actually an unexpected encounter even had her in the room that day. “One day, I witnessed a biker getting caught by a moving car, dragged along the street, and left injured on the road,” she said. “My gut reaction was to run to him, cradle his head, and ask him questions to keep him alert. I stayed until the ambulance arrived, and remember watching the ambulance drive away, deeply concerned for a complete stranger. From that point on, I had a one-track mind about becoming a doctor.”

In high school, Rebecca conducted research at Baylor College of Medicine. During undergraduate at Texas A&M, she submersed herself in “all things premed” including ongoing research in A&M biology labs, enrichment courses at Rice University, and medical preceptorships at both Yale University and Cornell University. “I’m honored to have trained alongside some of the most respected physicians in the world,” she said. Rebecca was granted entry into Baylor College of Medicine, with a full scholarship where she met her husband during residency. The two moved to Arlington eager to start their professional and family lives.

With a background in internal medicine physician and founder of Physician’s Ageless Solutions, Dr. Greco spends her days providing highly individualized plans to help her patients improve their appearance and intimate health with non-surgical solutions. “Running a medicine service within a tertiary referral center in the heart of Houston taught me the ethics, critical discernment, and patient advocacy I call upon every day in my aesthetic practice,” Dr. Greco said. “As an internal medicine doctor, I place an emphasis on detailed, critical, and comprehensive care.” Dr. Greco has researched and hand-selected every treatment offered at Physician’s Ageless Solutions to be safe, effective, and innovative. She places an emphasis on patient education and conservative treatments.

“Women today work hard to support our families—mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially,” Dr. Greco said. “It can be overwhelming. It’s important we don’t get bogged down in the details. Forgive your own shortcomings and surround yourself with friends and family who understand and support you. Finally, don’t forget to love yourself.”

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