Dr. Michael Goddard, Prestonwood Christian Academy

Private School Superintendent

About the Expert

Dr. Goddard serves as Superintendent, Prestonwood Christian Academy School System, a ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church. He was recently named Top Large Company CEO by The Dallas Morning News and was a nominee for National Superintendent of the Year. Districts under his leadership perform at the highest levels of academic pursuits. He earned his Ed.D. and Ed.M. from University of North Texas.


What are some of the values taught at a private Christian school?

I think private Christian education is attracting people. There are parents who see that there are things happening in some schools that may not reinforce what you want to see in the home. In fact, these things may run counter to what you want to see in the home. Children in K-12 need reinforcement at the school level, where they can see God in mathematics, experience Christ in science, and understand that there are biblical principles in history.

What is the culture of learning like in a private Christian school?

What you’re going to get is a much more kid-centered, concentric, individualized education. We can provide individualized attention to each student due to smaller class sizes. Students feel very loved at PCA. There is a sense of camaraderie on campus today, made even richer now as students return to the classroom following the remote learning environment ushered in by COVID-19.

As a parent, how can I prepare my child in transitioning from public school to a private Christian school?

We moved around a bit when I was a child. My mom would make sure that I had the chance to see the school first. Tours are so important for students. It allows them to have a level of comfort by seeing the school. Campus aesthetics are important, but it’s really about what is happening in the classrooms and allowing the kids to see that piece of it. And to understand the why — why moving to a new school is so important. We believe in them and want them to have the best experience. We want to make sure they are successful in school and beyond, but most importantly that their heart is prepared for their next step of life.

What is Prestonwood Christian Academy’s why?

In today’s culture, we must be grounded and rooted in who we are in Christ. Our children cannot survive with shallow roots, which is why we provide the ability for them to build strong, deep roots. This way, when the storms come, students can withstand any and every challenge they face in life.

What sets Prestonwood Christian Academy apart from other schools?

In the 2021-22 school year, Prestonwood Christian Academy will celebrate 25 years of investing in the lives of its students. PCA’s Kingdom Education program is a partnership of school, church, and family that intentionally builds on Kingdom foundations and a biblical worldview. Kingdom education provides a depth of learning that advances students academically, spiritually, and in character development so they are equipped for the world ahead, living strong and empowered lives for Christ. At PCA it is and always will be more than an education. It’s an investment that establishes students for life. 

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