Dr. Melissa Danchak

Kos/Danchak Audiology & Hearing Aids

Dr. Melissa Danchak is humbled by the opportunity she and her staff are given to help people hear better. “We are given the opportunity to help people reconnect to their life in so many ways. The positive quality of life differences that we have been making are humbling – it reminds us why we do what we do!” 

Hearing and understanding clearly what is being said is more challenging than ever before. “So many of the environments that we are in on a daily basis have competing background noises. Even for someone with ‘normal’ hearing, it is challenging to understand what is being said when there is background noise present. For someone with hearing loss, understanding what is being said is one of the biggest challenges they face.” 

Dr. Danchak and her staff recognize that hearing loss is a very unique and personal experience. “Hearing loss makes it challenging to really engage with family members and friends in social gatherings. Each person has their own story to tell about how hearing loss has been impacting their life. Personally, I’ve been helping people hear better for over 24 years.  It’s exciting, and emotional. When someone wears hearing aids for the first time, they almost immediately realize that they can reconnect to the important people in their life. They realize just how much they’ve been missing.”

Although hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process, the signs are not always obvious. “Because hearing loss isn’t as noticeable as blurry vision or a toothache, it’s understandable that people deny that they may need to get their ears and hearing checked. However, hearing well is an essential part of everyday life – using the phone, communicating with friends, family, and coworkers, and understanding important medical discussions. Regardless of age, we all depend on our ears and our hearing.”

Your better hearing experience begins with a discussion about your unique and personal hearing challenges. A hearing evaluation is then conducted and, if appropriate, a live listening demonstration with hearing devices will be provided. Dr. Danchak and her staff understand that investing in better hearing is not just about technology. “Our Complete Hearing Health Care program includes all of the services people need to be successful with their investment in better hearing, including free batteries for the lifetime of the devices!” The long-term relationships Kos/Danchak Audiology forms with their patient’s, and their family members, is just one reason they have earned over 100 five-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and healthyhearing.com. It’s also why so many of their satisfied patients refer their friends and family to them each month! 

“Our product is better hearing health care! Your appointment at Kos/Danchak Audiology & Hearing Aids will be an informative experience and a great start on your path to better hearing!”


101 W. Randol Mill Road
Arlington, Texas 76011
(817) 277-7039

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