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About the Expert

Melissa Danchak is a Doctor of Audiology and owner of Kos/Danchak Audiology & Hearing Aids in Arlington, Texas. KDA has been “helping North Texans hear better for over 35 years.” Dr. Danchak has been the owner of KDA for more than 20 years.


When and why should I get my ears & hearing checked?

Hearing loss occurs gradually over time. It is estimated that by the time most people make the decision to get their ears and hearing checked, they have not been hearing well or understanding clearly for seven years, or longer.

Dr. Melissa Danchak, owner/audiologist at Kos/Danchak Audiology & Hearing Aids, encourages everyone over the age of 50 to have a baseline hearing evaluation, especially if it has been more than 2 years since your last hearing test. Depending on the results of the evaluation, a regularly scheduled test annually or every two years is recommended.

Regardless of age however, if you are difficulty hearing and understanding when background noise is present, or if you have ringing in your ears (called Tinnitus), the best first step you can take is to get your ears and hearing checked!

Are hearing loss and dementia really linked?

Over the last 10-15 years, the role of cognition in a patient’s overall hearing and communication performance has captured the interest of clinical and research audiologists seeking to maximize hearing and quality-of-life outcomes.

The brain will compensate to overcome challenges brought on by hearing impairment. “In other words, the increased cognitive load can lead to cognitive deficits. Hearing loss is not normal, and neither is the extra workload that it puts on the brain. The brain is constantly working overtime trying to fill in the blanks.”

Where should I go for a hearing evaluation?

Just like each ear is different, each audiology practice is also different. “We are very humbled by the online reviews and recommendations our patients are posting publicly on Google, Facebook, and healthyhearing.com. Having patients share their experiences helps those beginning their search for hearing healthcare understand that Kos/Danchak Audiology is the right choice,” says Dr. Danchak.

“We encourage those searching for hearing healthcare to visit our website. We have a lot of valuable information and engaging videos to learn from.”

What hearing aids are best for me?

Understanding the different types of hearing aids does not have to be overwhelming. “The first thing to understand is that there are levels of hearing aid technology available.”

Dr. Danchak says, “at Kos/Danchak Audiology, we use the results of your hearing test to demonstrate the best fit for your unique lifestyle. Hearing aid technology has the ability to enhance the clarity of speech – which is what most people need and want. They want to be able to understand speech better – they don’t want every sound to be louder. They want to clearly understand what is being said, especially when there is background noise present.” 

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