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For many individuals, unsightly varicose and spider veins are more than just an aesthetic concern. Venous disorders, which are characterized by lower extremity complaints such as aching, swelling, cramping, itching and prominent veins, are estimated to affect more than 30 million Americans! Healthy veins contain valves which open and close to assist the return of blood to the heart. Varicose veins are caused by damaged or diseased valves which result in backward flow of blood in the legs, a condition known as venous reflux. While family history is the strongest predictor of venous disease, the risk increases with age and women tend to deal with the condition more than men (although men are at risk, too). Pregnancy, occupations involving prolonged sitting or standing, history of blood clots and obesity are also risk factors.

McQuaid Vein Specialists seeks to address this disease in a holistic, compassionate way. Dr. Mark McQuaid and Dr. J. Andrew Skiendzielewski have a combined 20+ years of experience in the field. “With my background as a general and vascular surgeon, I noticed a significant need for more effective treatment of venous problems,” said Dr. McQuaid. “With today’s options, the impact on patients is often dramatic, with great improvement in function and appearance. It can be truly life-changing for many.”

McQuaid Vein Specialists is committed to treating patients for surgical and vein problems with compassion and care. The goal is to optimize patients’ health by correcting surgical issues, medically managing nutrition and accomplishing weight loss with the use of proven and technologically advanced methods. “Both Dr. McQuaid and I are certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine,” said Dr. Skiendzielewski. “Also, we offer more treatment options than many other practices, including both radiofrequency and laser thermal ablations, ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, visual sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy procedures.”

With all these treatment options available, Dr. McQuaid and Dr. Skiendzielewski are able to create highly customized treatment plans to address each patient’s specific needs. “The strength of our practice lies in our clinical and office staff,” said Dr. McQuaid. There is a depth of experience at McQuaid Vein Specialists that patients appreciate. “The whole team does an exceptional job of going out of their way to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible,” added Dr. Skiendzielewski.

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