Dr. Mark Craig DDS


Dr Mark Craig Top Doctor 2020

As one of the first dual-degree oral surgeons in North Texas, Dr. Mark Craig does more than place dental implants and remove wisdom teeth. He has the expertise and qualified training to manage and repair various pathologic conditions of the oral cavity and jaws, including complex and traumatic facial injuries, facial deformities, and TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) disorders.

Professional Expertise

Beyond his formal education and certifications, Dr. Craig immerses himself in continuing medical and dental education, traveling the U.S. and abroad searching new techniques and procedures to improve surgical skills and enhance patient outcomes. Known as the ‘go-to person’ for potentially difficult diagnoses, he is skilled in managing unique situations. Additionally, he is an associate professor at the Baylor College of Dentistry and serves as a consultant to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. He is active in many professional societies and has completed six years of service on the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

“We have the ability to manage our patients comfortably under local or intravenous anesthesia, with safety being priority number one,”

Specialized Office

Dr. Craig’s office holds a level 4 permit to provide anesthesia for adults and children in his office that is specifically designed and outfitted with required on-site emergency equipment. “We have the ability to manage our patients comfortably under local or intravenous anesthesia, with safety being priority number one,” he says. His office has incorporated the latest techniques in dental imaging, bone regeneration, and guided surgery to enhance dental implant success.

Addressing Confusion

Many prospective patients are confused with the term “dental surgeon.” Today, many dental offices utilize non-specialist “dental surgeons” who have not completed formal residency training in oral surgery. Patients might meet them only minutes before their procedure. Although they bring equipment, supplies, and staff with them, most dental offices are not equipped to administer anesthesia beyond routine procedures. In contrast, Dr. Craig’s office is dedicated to oral surgery and anesthesia with protocols and procedures in place to address any potential medical issues. He advises dental patients to seek The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners website, where public information is posted regarding the specialty practice of oral surgery and the unique qualifications of true specialists in the field like himself.

Dr. Craig and his staff members have received formal training in anesthesia safety and completed national certification for assisting and monitoring anesthesia patients. While all surgery has risks, having a highly qualified surgical team helps ensure safety and success for his patients.

Personal Attention

For more than 20 years, Dr. Craig has provided patients with focused, personalized care. He conducts pre-surgical consultations and reviews each patient’s medical history before formulating an individualized treatment plan. He personally handles all after-hours calls and addresses his patients’ needs or concerns should they arise. He enjoys developing relationships with patients and their families. He recalls one young patient with a facial deformity, teased about her appearance and speech. “With each successive procedure, her natural beauty was unmasked and her inner beauty manifested with restored confidence. She was able to fulfill her true potential and desired life for herself and her family.” He adds, “I have the honor and privilege to serve my patients, knowing they’ve entrusted me with their care.”



5971 Virginia Parkway, Suite 200
McKinney, Texas 75071
(972) 542-4700

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