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By Melissa Gautier

Center for Integrative Wellness and Cosmetic Dentistry

When Dr. Katie struggled with infertility years ago, she and her husband were desperate for answers. Having tried everything, they were on the verge of losing hope, but Dr. Katie’s persistent research revealed some enlightening information suggesting toxic metal poisoning could be a contributing factor in infertility. Even though she had no mercury or metal fillings, she went forward with testing, and was shocked to learn her results were positive for mercury toxicity. Her results, confirmed by three separate doctors, led her to take bold steps toward change in her own health and wellness and that of her patients.

Dr. Katie To’s Center for Integrative Wellness and Cosmetic Dentistry is a family-friendly practice of dental professionals with multiple specialties. “We focus on bringing patients’ oral health to optimum levels. By being proactive, we can help our cherished patients enjoy their best life and best smile,” she explains. Her practice’s team strives to provide natural, conservative dentistry treating the cause, not the symptoms.

Even though there are numerous moving parts to her thriving practice, Dr. Katie is the self-proclaimed quarterback of the team. Her vision and goals for practicing cosmetic and biological dentistry are supported by her amazing staff. Dr. Bar Nguyen is Dr. Katie’s board-certified, in-house orthodontic associate and husband. They were finally blessed with an adorable baby boy named Bailey. A board-certified anesthesiologist is on call for sedation when oral surgery is necessary. Patient care specialists, registered dental hygienists, and registered dental assistants round out the team.

Whole-body Health and Wellness

Holistic dentistry focuses on the mouth’s health including teeth, gums, and bone. It also highlights the significant impact oral health has on the rest of the body. Dr. Katie began introducing biological dentistry and saw the healing results of the mouth-and-body interconnection firsthand. She shares her knowledge, teaching her holistic dentistry methods to other dental professionals each week.

Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings

Dr. Katie says she is the first and only dentist in Katy, Texas with SMART mercury-removal certification. Say goodbye to silver mercury fillings and hello to a healthy smile with Dr. Katie’s Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. SMART mercury removal involves implementing proper precautions and safety practices to efficiently remove metal fillings. Using air filtration and circulation, adequate rubber dam barriers, oxygen, a dental vacuum, and environmentally appropriate disposal provides an outstanding level of safety for her patients.

Still in the healing process herself, Dr. Katie says, “Food is healing medicine. You can’t have a healthy life if you don’t have a healthy mouth.” Integrating proper nutrition into her own wellness plan was paramount. “She always uses the most biocompatible materials for dental procedures whenever possible. Tooth-colored fillings are a safe alternative to metal mercury fillings, and body-friendly, BPA-free composite is used effectively.”

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