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Douglas Kasper, MD


Dr. Kasper's Concierge MedicalBY ANNETTE BROOKS

Do you wish doctors were more accessible and available when and where you needed them? Would you enjoy establishing a more direct and personalized relationship with your doctor and healthcare team? Do you bristle at the idea of driving to a medical appointment and then having to wait forever to see the doctor? Have you ever thought, “I’d love to find a knowledgeable medical professional who can help me navigate the labyrinth of our modern healthcare delivery system, especially when I need specialized medical care?”

You’re not alone. And here’s the best news: There’s an ideal solution available right here in The Woodlands area — Dr. Kasper’s Concierge Medical Group.

Since he began practicing 20 years ago, board-certified emergency medicine physician Dr. Douglas Kasper has strived to provide the highest form of patient care. Working in many settings, including hospital and freestanding ERs and urgent care clinics, sparked his passion for concierge medicine years ago. The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst for him to create a concierge practice that “brings medical care into people’s homes on their time.”

“People were suffering and even dying in their homes. Hospitals, ERs, and urgent care clinics were flooded and overwhelmed. I knew I needed to do something to help, and also to offer proactive, preventive medicine, not just reactive care,” Dr. Kasper explains.

So, in February 2020, Dr. Kasper turned his dream into reality, forming Dr. Kasper’s Concierge Medical Group. His wife and business partner, Stephanie, continues to play an instrumental role in the practice. “I’m the airplane, and she’s my landing gear,” Dr. Kasper says.

Word of mouth spread quickly about Dr. Kasper’s Concierge Medical Group without advertising, and today, the forward-thinking practice offers a growing array of services, including:

  • Telemedicine and video-medicine appointments
  • Physician house calls
  • Home care for patients that includes IV medication
  • Convenient mobile lab services, including blood draws, tests for strep, flu, COVID-19, and more
  • Injection services for IVF patients
  • Medical care for minor illnesses, lacerations, rashes, disease management, etc.
  • Advice and guidance on medical health prevention
  • Risk injury prevention strategies
  • Patient liaison services

And later this year, Dr. Kasper will begin offering executive mobile medical services. “It’s a great service for busy executives. Instead of taking time to drive to a doctor’s appointment and sit in a waiting room, we come directly to them,” Stephanie explains.

Additionally, Dr. and Mrs. Kasper have formed Woodlands Cannabis Clinic to help cancer and other qualifying patients live a better quality of life. Another service provides COVID-19 travel test kits, so you can return to the U.S. without worrying about getting test results within the allowed period of time.

The Kaspers live in The Woodlands close to their children and grandchildren and are active in the community. They look forward to serving you and your family with luxury concierge medical services. “We are here for all of you. Give us a call.” Dr. Kasper says.

Visit DrKasperMedGroup.com for more information. Read about how Dr. Kasper went from being home-schooled in remote British Columbia, Canada, to the U.S. for college medical school to putting down roots in Texas.


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