Dr. Karen Williamson, DDS, PA

Karen Williamson, DDS, PA


Dr. Karen Williamson loves helping her patients in unexpected ways. “Patient circumstances are unique,” Dr. Williamson said. “We tailor care to the needs and desires of each of our wonderful patients.”

Case in point: Chris W. was recommended to Dr. Williamson by his friend who is also a dentist. “As a new patient, I found Dr. Williamson and her staff very intentional and thorough with initial exams and getting to know me,” he said. “Dr. Williamson is very interested in her patients’ overall health and well-being and what the dental health can reveal about her patients.”

With Chris, Dr. Williamson quickly recognized he’d been grinding his teeth in his sleep — for decades. She ordered a sleep study, which revealed that Chris was suffering from sleep apnea. She fit him for a corrective oral appliance, and Chris reports his quality of sleep has improved significantly.

“When you’re tired even some of the time, your mood, productivity, happiness, and overall health are impacted,” he said. “It can be a desperate feeling not knowing the cause, much less the right solution. I’m incredibly grateful to Dr. Williamson and her staff for having a significant impact on me and my overall health. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Fran M. was feeling desperate herself because her husband was sleeping so poorly it was affecting his health. “He was having issues with a low oxygen level and slow heart rate,” she said. “He wasn’t sleeping because he felt like he couldn’t breathe.” Fran and her husband ended up in the ER, where doctors ran a battery of tests and recommended a sleep study.

“My husband remembered reading about a test dentists can perform to determine whether a patient may have sleep apnea,” Fran said. Two days later, Dr. Williamson gave him a take-home sleep apnea test, also called a home sleep study test.

“After my husband took the test, Dr. Williamson had the results read by a qualified sleep doctor,” Fran said. “She referred us to a sleep clinic, which found he has central sleep apnea rather than obstructive sleep apnea. Within a few weeks, he was sleeping with an Adaptive Servo Ventilator and went from not getting restful sleep to getting eight hours of good, almost uninterrupted sleep every night. We’re so grateful Dr. Williamson knew how to help us.”

Those are just two of the patients who’ve found much more than general dentistry at the office of Karen Williamson. They’ve found a doctor and team who are interested in their overall health and highly trained to spot the signs and symptoms of medical problems often evident in a dental exam.

I’m incredible grateful to Dr. Williamson and her staff for having a significant impact on me and my overall health. I’d recommend them to anyone.” – Chris W.


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