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Do you consider your orthodontist a superhero?
People who visit Dr. Jim Watson do! He doesn’t fly, have X-ray vision or lift cars above his head, but his patients think his talents are even more impressive.

As the only ’Ivy League’-educated Orthodontic Specialist in the North Houston area, Dr. Watson builds confidence while improving patient health by creating beautiful smiles with straight teeth and a proper bite.

Since 1997, Dr. Watson has been offering patients a variety of options from
mini-metal braces, friction free braces, gold or clear braces to Invisalign invisible tooth aligners—even braces that mount out of sight on the back of the teeth.
“Our philosophy is to head-off big problems by quickly treating little problems when they arise,” said Dr. Watson. He recommends children come in for an evaluation at age seven. “We treat children, teens and adults often with either clear braces or Invisalign, providing treatment that is faster, easier and more convenient. We know you appreciate orthodontics that fit your lifestyle and give you an exceptional outcome and value.”

Recognized Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Watson completed a two-year, post-doctoral residency training program recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) after receiving his doctorate in dental surgery. He had to finish in the top of his class to be accepted into a Specialty Orthodontic Program, becoming a Specialist in Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopedics and a member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). People should be aware that there are some dentists and pediatric dentists who will perform orthodontic work without being a qualified Orthodontic Specialist. However, if your family dentist cares and wants you to get the best specialty treatment, he’ll refer you to an orthodontic specialist with qualifications like Dr. Watson’s“Through orthodontic specialty treatment my staff and I are not just changing smiles, we are creating beautiful faces,” said Dr. Watson. “As our patients go through treatment with us, their smiles begin to take shape quickly and their overall facial esthetics and bone structures noticeably improve. As they experience more positive changes on each visit, they grow in confidence and self-esteem until we unveil a beautiful smile and a handsome or lovely face!”

Meet Dr. Watson

You may have seen him in animated form on the big screen at the Silverado Movie Theatre on 249. “If I see you at the movies and you stand up during the Dr. Watson Pre-Flicks Movie and shout out ‘That’s My Doctor!’ the popcorn and soda is on me,”
said Dr. Watson. But who is the man behind the lab coat? Patients love his caring and easy-going chair-side manner, but he’s very serious about his role and has worked hard to become a leader in his profession.

Dr. Watson has been an Orthodontic Specialist for 15 years. He received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, and then interrupted his education to serve at the Puerto Rico, San Juan Mission. He returned to complete his education, earning a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from Marquette University in Wisconsin and served as one of the chief residents in the department of dental surgery at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Following his hospital training, Dr. Watson was selected for a position at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in the Orthodontic Specialty Residency Program in Philadelphia. The residency program at PENN is one of only three ‘Ivy League’ orthodontic programs in the country and only accepts six residents per year.
Dr. Watson entered private practice in 1997. Dr. Watson, his wife, Lisa, and his three children, Courtney, Jimmy and Kylie, live in Northwest Houston where he is an active volunteer in the community.

See what other doctors are saying about Dr. Watson

Dr. Larry Sheffield & Dr. Linda Sheffield Family Dentistry

“We have been referring patients to Dr. Watson for many years and have seen how his good work has helped kids and adults achieve beautiful results. Recently we adopted five, yes FIVE little girls from China! They all have different smile problems–underbites, over-bites, crowding and cross-bites. However, we knew Dr. Watson would have the answer to all their problems. He has treated three of the girls so far–Jenny, April, and May. Their smiles all look wonderful. He calls our girls his ‘cute little China dolls’. We recommend
Dr. Jim Watson with great confidence.”

Dr. Michael Nguyen–Cosmetic & Family Dentistry–CyfairDentalCare.com

“We send our patients to Dr. Jim Watson and he also treats our kids–Emily and Michael. We really like Dr. Jim–he’s fun and has a great staff. We know our patients, as well as our kids, can always expect a soft touch and beautiful results. If your family is special, take them to this specialist.”

Dr. Tom McHugh–McHugh Plastic Surgery—The Woodlands–McHughPlasticSurgery.com

“Dr. Watson treated both my wife Katherine and our daughter Katlynn. They both have absolutely gorgeous smiles. I love looking at them everyday! We recommend Dr. Jim highly to our patients and friends.”

Dr. Eshan Arabzadeh—Cosmetic Dentistry–EazDds.com

“I have worked withDr. Watson on many adults and children for over 12 years. When it came time for my kids Nima and Vala to have braces, Dr. Jim was not the closest orthodontist to our house. In fact, we had to drive past the offices of at least five other orthodontists on the way to his office! However, Dr. Jim was definitely worth the trip. Our children’s smiles are very beautiful and a constant reminder of his excellent work.”

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