Dr. Jed Hildebrand Reflects on his Experience on Season 5 of the Hit TV Show Survivor

Lessons Learned and Lifelong Friendships
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By Meredith Knight

Jed Hildebrand’s dental school summer break was a bit different than his fellow classmates. His included a whirlwind of TV talk shows and radio interviews lasting throughout the fall, after being a contestant on CBS’s hit TV show, Survivor. Set on an island in Thailand, Season 5 included monsoons and zero food available for contestants. Although this once-in-a-lifetime adventure was harder than expected, Dr. Jed considers the lessons he learned and the fortitude he developed—during the show and an Arlington small business owner winning best Orthodontist multiple times.

“Not only is the adventure of being on the show irreplaceable,” he said. “It led to opportunities to share my story with others and teach lessons about being true to yourself and never compromising. Survivor opened doors to let me help communities and charities in need through weekend fund raisers that became a stepping stone to be able to share my testimony in Sunday schools throughout DFW.” Jed stays in touch with some of his show contestants through charity work. “The show was an adventure but sharing the stories from the show with fans and friends has been the real joy of the experience”.

Among the lessons Dr. Hildebrand shares is “Treat everyone in your life like the most important person and they’ll be your biggest supporter for life”. He’s still a big fan of the show and enjoys it now with his wife, dentist Kim Hildebrand, and their kids, Kai, and Liv. “Survivor is about people and relationships and facing challenges,” he said. “I feel blessed to be put in a position like this and do not take it for granted to help serve others through this experience. I love being an example to kids everywhere that dreams can come true.”

And where is he now? He’s at the top of his game with a thriving orthodontic practice and a growing family. Known as the cool place to get a beautiful smile, Hildebrand Orthodontics has garnered numerous Best Orthodontist awards. With its surfer-style beach murals, open floor plan drenched in natural light, and kid-friendly staff, it’s also a great place for adult Invisalign. Dr. H keeps the orthodontic experience fun and highly individualized through digital teeth scans and virtual treatment planning for optimum results. His staff respects your time with a “no wait” policy to get you back to school or work quickly. “Parents are encouraged to come back to the treatment area to see how their child’s treatment is going and receive updates,” Dr. Jed said. “Many of them are so pleased with their kids’ results they decide to get braces themselves. Achieving a beautiful smile in a short amount of time is the best present I can give my wonderful patients.”

Clear Invisalign Aligners for All Ages

Although Dr. Hildebrand recommends seeing children for a free evaluation at age seven, many of his patients are adults who either never had braces or have some minor shifting they’d like corrected. As a leader in the industry, Dr. Hildebrand has excelled in the new technology to straighten teeth faster and simpler than ever before. “You can discretely straighten your teeth—often in about a year— and nobody has to know you’re in treatment,” he said.

With a digital scan before you even start, Dr. Hildebrand can show you what your smile will look like after treatment. Dr. Jed offers individualized treatment plans for best outcomes and stable results at affordable family prices. They’ll work with your insurance and even provide low down payments and in-house payment plans, so cost isn’t an obstacle to achieving a beautiful smile. “Invisalign can treat a wide range of teeth-straightening conditions, including crossbites, crowding, open bites, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites,” he said. “You can take them out to eat or for special occasions and, because they’re clear, most people won’t even know you’re wearing them.”

Know-You-By-Name Care

Dr. Hildebrand and his staff not only knows each patient by name, but they’ve also been a strong influence in the community for 25 years. Dr. Hildebrand sees every patient at every visit, something patients don’t experience at big-box dental offices. As a solo practitioner, Dr. Jed provides care throughout your treatment. “Continuity of care is the key to successful orthodontics,” he said. He strives to be a strong small business leader providing jobs to many families and keeping employees and patients safe throughout this pandemic. “Arlington is a big city with the heart of a small town,” he said. “Our goal is to treat a small number of patients, but to treat them well and to give our employees a good quality of life.”

Latest Orthodontic Science

Dr. Hildebrand and his stellar team offer the latest, cutting-edge technology, including high-tech flexible wires which respond to the temperature of the mouth to straighten teeth faster than ever before and with far less discomfort to patients. “No more tightening of braces and no more bands on back teeth,” Dr. Hildebrand said. “That means far less risk of cavities. We’re also using the new mini braces, the smallest braces on the market, that decrease treatment time by six months.”

Meet Dr. H

Dr. Hildebrand looks forward to a time when it’s safe to return to Christian dental missionary work in which he’s engaged in the past in Mexico, Cambodia, India, and Thailand. With his love of extreme sports, he can often be found skiing, skydiving, or surfing on a lake and ready to face all the challenges that stand in his way of becoming a successful orthodontist. In addition to Survivor, he’s appeared on numerous TV shows, including MTV’s TRL, The Carolyn Rhea Show, CBS’ The Early Show, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, E!, Inside Edition, and The Ticket talk radio show. But his best days are spent doing absolutely anything with Kim, Kai, and Liv, his biggest fans.

  • Texas Monthly Super Dentist 2008-2021
  • Top Dentist Award 2008-2021
  • Mansfield Living Magazine BEST Orthodontist
  • D Magazine Best Orthodontist
  • Past President of Arlington Dental Study Club


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