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Top Docs 2021 - W. Marshall Guy, MD

By Annette Brooks

Did you know humans subconsciously associate beauty with facial symmetry and proportion? Research backs this up, and we also know skin health matters, as does a refreshed, youthful-looking face.

World-class facial plastic surgeons like Dr. W. Marshall Guy know all about the golden ratio of a beautiful face. As a double board certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon, his experience, training, and innate talent are reflected in his aesthetic artistry and precision. Still, Dr. Guy’s mission is a simple one — to help you look your personal best with natural-looking results.

”My goal is to address imperfections and signs of aging while retaining your unique facial qualities,” says Dr. Guy, known for his friendly demeanor. ”I listen carefully to my patients, and then we discuss options and comparative advantages. We’ll also go over the results you can generally expect as well as any recovery time that may be involved.”

Options and Customization

Dr. Guy offers a broad range of cosmetic solutions, including a wide selection of state-of-the-art surgical procedures for the face, many of which Dr. Guy can perform in-office under local anesthesia if patients desire. Nonsurgical medspa treatments include laser resurfacing, IPL (intense pulsed light), skin tightening, skin care such as HydraFacial, platelet-rich fiber (PRF) hair restoration, and much more. This assortment of services enables him to create highly customized treatment plans that cater to each patient’s needs and budget.

He even offers all of the up-to-date injectable treatments available, including the RHA Collection of dermal fillers, considered by many as the most advanced hyaluronic acid treatment on the market. ”We were the first practice in the area to use the RHA Collection that treats dynamic facial lines while adapting to your facial movements,” he shares. ”By offering all available fillers, you’ll never feel limited as to which filler would be best for your face.”

The Most Sought After Procedures

We asked Dr. Guy what treatments patients are asking for most these days. Surgical facelifts are as popular as ever, as well as nonsurgical treatments such as the EmbraceRF noninvasive facelift. ”It can be a great answer for patients who are not yet ready for surgery and who want little to no downtime with an optimal outcome,” he explains.

Wearing masks has emphasized the appearance of our eyes, so it’s not surprising that men and women are asking Dr. Guy to refresh their eyes with upper or lower eyelid surgery or both. ”Most patients are surprised by how easily and quickly they recover from eyelid surgery,” he comments. And while they’re at it, many blepharoplasty patients minimize crow’s feet and smooth frown lines between the eyebrows with injectables at the medspa, giving their eye area a complete makeover.

Dr. Guy reports that patients seeking neck rejuvenation and slenderization are also on the uptick. Over time, neck skin loses collagen and elastin, causing it to wrinkle and sag. Double chins can also develop, and they aren’t necessarily associated with weight gain. ”We’re using more video apps like Facetime and Zoom to communicate with one another, and we’re noticing our necks,” Dr. Guy says. ”Options include neck lift surgery as well as nonsurgical treatments using RF (radio frequency) technology to tighten and firm the skin and reduce fat. Patients love the results.”

Patients Praise Dr. Guy

Below is just one of the many patients thrilled with their experience at Dr. Guy Facial Plastic Surgery and their results. Dr. Guy adds, “I’m blessed to have a team that I believe is the best of the best. Together we have over 30 years of combined cosmetic experience. Our patients benefit from this.”

“I can’t say enough about how incredibly positive my past and ongoing experience with Dr. Guy and his whole team has been. From initial consult to continued follow-up, Dr. Guy and his team have been exceptionally professional, caring, and responsive. Anyone considering plastic surgery can identify with the trepidation one feels undergoing major elective surgery for what may seem a vain and frivolous endeavor. However, I feel that my plastic surgery has not only improved my outer look but my self-confidence and resilience as well. The outcome of my surgery is exactly what I wanted to see thanks to the attention and time Dr. Guy spends to explains, discuss, and provide options without overpromising or pushing to do more than what is needed.” – Actual Patient

Meet “Top Doc” W. Marshall Guy, MD

Dr. Guy strives for excellence and perfection. After graduating number one in his high school, college, and medical school class, he was accepted into a highly competitive residency program in head and neck surgery at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine. He went on to complete a facial plastic and reconstructive surgery cosmetic fellowship at the McCollough Plastic Surgery Institute, receiving extensive training in surgical and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation from renowned experts.

Supporting the greater good and being a role model for his children is another passion for Dr. Guy, who was raised in the Spring-Klein area. He has volunteered at food bank drives, planted trees, and modeled for causes. He is on a scholarship committee for high school scholar-athletes and another for The Woodlands High School. He is president of the Rotary House board, a 501c3 nonprofit providing short to intermediate stays complimentary to patients and their families receiving care in The Woodlands.

Visit DrGuyFPS.com to read his impressive bio and to check out his numerous awards and recognitions.

Put your best face forward in 2021. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Guy. Find out how he can help you recapture the beauty of self-confidence.


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