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Dr. David Dyslin spends his days partnering with men and women and putting them in the driver’s seat, in their own wellness journey. He does this through a variety of cutting-edge procedures—both surgical and non-surgical—that empower his patients to experience success in shedding pounds, regaining their health, and keeping the weight off.

“Bariatric surgery and procedures enable me to offer men and women the opportunity to lead healthier, fuller, more productive lives,” he said. “I’m able to walk alongside my patients as they take control of their health. Then I’m privileged to see how happy and full their lives can become. Each of their victories is a victory for my team and me.”

Because each patient—and each weight loss journey—is unique, Dr. Dyslin advocates a hands-on approach with his patients. “I see all of my bariatric patients myself and am able to walk with them through the whole process,” he said. “The best part of my day is talking with my patients, getting to know them, and being a part of their weight-loss/health-restoring process.” Dr. Dyslin offers the choice of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic gastric bypass, gastric balloon, or conversion of lap band to sleeve or bypass.

Those options have increased with the offering of the non-surgical Obalon gastric balloon. “Obalon gastric balloon offers effective weight loss without the need for surgery, long recovery, or scarring,” Dr. Dyslin said. “The Obalon gastric balloon is the first and only swallowable FDA-approved 3-balloon system for weight loss. The volume and shape of the balloon fills up space in your stomach, making it easier for you to eat smaller portions without constantly feeling hungry, then remains in your stomach for up to six months encouraging significant weight loss.”

Board-certified by the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Dyslin also performs abdominal wall reconstruction for hernia repair as well as laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery. This new innovative procedure – the LINX device employs a flexible bracelet of titanium beads —approximately the size of a quarter—implanted laparoscopically around the patient’s esophagus strengthening the lower esophageal sphincter—the muscle that allows food to enter and remain in the stomach—encouraging food to stay in the stomach. Patients are experiencing immediate relief from their reflux symptoms.

When not on the job, Dr. Dyslin enjoys hiking, gardening, and traveling to see his kids and get caught up on their lives. A firm believer in giving back, he participates in medical mission trips to Haiti and Nicaragua with his church and attends meetings to improve care in resource-limited environments. “These activities always remind me how blessed we are to live in Texas and of our obligation to share our time and talent with those less fortunate.”

Dr. Dyslin is now accepting new patients.

Dr. David Dyslin offers these and other surgeries:

  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass
  • Conversion of Lap Band to Sleeve or Bypass
  • Duodenal Switch
  • Obalon Gastric Balloon
  • Laparoscopic Anti-Reflux Surgery
  • LINX procedure for Reflux
  • Hernia Repair



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