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The saying goes: “With great power comes great responsibility.” And, in many walks of life, it’s easy to see the difference between those who embrace this credo and those who shun it.

But, what about those who exceed it? They are the few who are truly capable of …

Transforming Lives

Three percent. It takes a special blend of artistry, passion for medicine, and care for one’s fellow man to become a doctor in the field of dentistry. But to go beyond that level of education and pursue the additional two-to-three years of education it takes to become a prosthodontist puts a doctor in a very small percentage of dentists. Three percent to be exact.

Meet Dr. Christine Hopkins

A beautiful smile is much more than straight, white teeth, and a patient is much more than his or her smile. Dr. Hopkins’ prosthodontics training in the intricate structures and muscles 

of the head, neck, mouth and jaw give her keen insight about how to design smiles that look beautiful and function perfectly. Meanwhile, her focus on caring for much more than her patients’ smiles, such as their overall health and comfort, set her and her practice, Advanced Dental Center, apart from others in the dental field.

Dr. Hopkins’ patients come to her Plano, Texas, practice from many walks of life. Some are looking for a dental care home and like the fact that Dr. Hopkins’ additional knowledge and experience make her prepared for any issues that may arise. Some patients have planned to “do something for themselves,” saving up over time. Others are referred by their general dentist or simply decide they’ve “had enough” of living with a damaged, painful smile. They need a compassionate, talented doctor to create and walk them through a detailed treatment plan.

When a patient has debilitating conditions, eating, speaking, even smiling can be physically painful. Often, the pain is emotional, as injury or poor care have left the patient with a smile he or she can’t bear to look at, much less show the world. Before treatment, the patient feels imprisoned, lonely and depressed, wanting to smile and laugh but feeling unable to do so.

Healing patients with significant dental injury or disease may require a series of highly specialized treatments that can span several months. This fact only increases the value of having a trusting, close relationship with one’s primary care dentist. Dr. Hopkins attends to every need of her patients while coordinating care that may involve multiple other providers, including surgeons, lab technicians and others. Dr. Hopkins takes extra care to keep her patients informed at every phase of treatment, knowing that her patients’ experience during therapy matters almost as much as the amazing results they experience after care.

The impact a smile transformation has on a life acts like ripples on a pond. Not only does a beautiful smile instill confidence in the wearer’s youthful appearance, the pain-free functionality of his or her smile often results in a healthier diet, better muscle tone in the face and jaw, and higher overall quality of life. Many times, one patient’s exceptional experience with Dr. Hopkins becomes the catalyst for another patient to seek her care.

Recently, Dr. Hopkins treated a woman who needed extensive restructuring of her smile. Her treatment, which spanned over six months, required careful coordination between Dr. Hopkins, a talented oral surgeon, and a meticulous dental laboratory that fashioned the patient’s zirconia ceramic restorations.

Ultimately, this patient received all-on-four dentures, a system that uses a series of dental implants to hold the dentures in place. These dentures look natural, don’t shift about in the mouth, and are cared for just like natural teeth, with brushing and flossing. Plus, with today’s technologically advanced measuring instruments and materials, the results are a smile like jewelry.

For Dr. Hopkins’ patient, the resulting gorgeous smile and the incredible patient experience led to another new face at Advanced Dental Center—the patient’s husband, who received the same all-on-four restorations. Imagine the transformation that has positively impacted their household!

A story like this may be uncommon, but not for Dr. Hopkins. Transformations like these are the reason she is passionate about what she does. And her passion is what drives patients to experience the true transformation that happens under her care. Patients say that socially, emotionally and physically, they don’t just feel like a new person, they are completely different from who they were before they received treatment. They have taken back the life they lost, or never had, simply by possessing the ability to smile and laugh without holding back and without pain.

“There are lots of desperate people who don’t know there is help available for them,” said Dr. Hopkins. “For some, a better smile is the first step toward a better life.”

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