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Safely, Efficiently, and Quickly with Sani-Safe

By Meredith Knight

The current coronavirus, COVID-19, has been called a once-in-a-century pandemic.

At a time when we all need to be better informed, we lack reliable evidence regarding how people have been infected by the virus or who continues to become infected. Better information is needed to help guide our decisions and the actions of monumental significance to monitor its impact.

While staying home to quarantine has been recommended, what about when the quarantine is over? As a nation, we’re being told to practice “social-distancing,” and many are heeding that recommendation. But if we don’t sanitize and kill the virus, we run the risk of re-infecting.

At a time like this, a trip to the grocery store or bank, or an emergency visit to the dentist or the chiropractor can leave you feeling anxious and vulnerable. But what a relief it is to see a sticker on the door reading “This facility has been sanitized by Sani-Safe.” It tells you that, as the last customers, patients, or company team members left last night, a sanitizing crew was waiting to enter, making sure management has taken the extra step to protect employees, patrons, and vendors.

With a combination of CDC-recommended products, foggers, and UV lighting—or organic solutions, if requested—Sani=Safe removes the risk of infection from doorknobs (as well as a foot around the knob), door jams, counters, exam tables, toilet handles, corner walls, and other spots that may be harboring germs. If you still need to go to work and your child still needs to go to daycare, Sani-Safe is there to sanitize those environments as well, including the books and toys and play surfaces your child will encounter.

Sani-Safe is working with homeowners, too, sanitizing everything from your doorbell to your TV remote control. “We start at your front door, walk into your entryway and sanitize throughout your home,” Owner Esther Rosenthal said. “We sanitize your stair railing, bar, kitchen counter, faucets, switch plates and light switches, arms of chairs—basically anything people touch. We’re not a cleaning service. We’re not there to clean your home but to sanitize it, so you can feel safe in your home or business and we can all continue living your lives.”

Owner Tom Rosenthal said, “This is our moment in time to do what we can to keep our population safe while keeping our economy moving. So much of the economy is shut down and people don’t know what kind of hit they’ll take financially. We want to make people feel safe entering businesses and living in their homes. And we’re also in a position to offer employment to those working for our company, to help them support their families while so many businesses are temporary closed.”

Five Stages of COVID-19
This virus has a distinct lifecycle.

  • Attaches to the cell wall
  • Penetrates the cell to the nucleus 
  • Replicates at a high rate
  • Assembles
  • Then releases (this is when you become the most contagious)

The Sani-Safe Mission is People

  • Keeping people safe
  • Limiting the virus spread rate
  • Boosting productivity 
  • Providing a level of calm in uncertain times
  • Keeping our great economy moving forward

Sani-Safe Takes a Specifically Crafted Approach

Your facility has unique requirements. Sani-Safe provides a comprehensive plan tailored to your facility, operations, and human assets including:

  • Chemical solutions
  • Green solutions
  • Chemical-free solutions
  • Special care treatments 
  • Variable levels of treatment and frequency

Sani-Safe can sanitize your home or business. They provide daily, weekly, or one-time services. Sani-Safe is equipped and staffed to handle anywhere from 500 to 500,000 square feet. Find out more at Email or call (214) 755-5477 to schedule your first Sani-Safe service.


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