Donna Philips, Ryndi Hodge, Princess Holt, Michelle Shepard, and Kathy Hodges

Studio 360 Med Spa

By Meredith Knight

Donna Philips is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Her forte for years has been starting a business, building it up until it’s flourishing, then selling. At least, that was her aim until she opened Studio 360 Med Spa.

“This is one business I could never sell,” she said. “Anyone who’s walked through our doors knows there’s something special here. It’s an environment of giving and caring, and this begins and ends with the outstanding women I’ve been lucky enough to partner with. Ryndi, Princess, and Michelle give of themselves every day to make Studio 360 a place of rejuvenation and restoration, something our clients need more than ever right now. I can’t say enough good things about these women.”

Michelle Shepard, RN

“Before I opened Studio 360, Michelle did my injections,” Donna said. “I asked her to recommend someone to do our injections, never dreaming she’d come to work here. I knew the day she joined the team this spa was going to be something special. People just love Michelle. They’ll drive past multiple med spas to come to her. She’s sweet and fun but all business when it comes to injectables, extremely professional, and never one to ‘overdo’ anyone. She’s all about achieving natural results and making her clients look like themselves—only better.”

Princess Holt, NP

“Princess specializes in weight loss, hormone replacement, and platelet-rich plasma,” Donna said. “She first came here as a model during one of our trainings. She fit in immediately. When I discovered she was taking the test for her nurse practitioner’s license, I gobbled her up, and she’s been here ever since. Princess has such a heart for our clients, and they just love her. Regenerative aesthetics, where the body regenerates or rebuilds itself, is a relatively new field and Princess is committed to keeping us at the forefront of advancements in this and other fields.”

Ryndi Hodge

“Ryndi originally came to us to ask about renting space to offer permanent makeup,” Donna said. “We were so impressed with her that we asked her to join the team. Since then, she’s taken on the business end of the spa and does an amazing job. Ryndi has more energy than anyone we’ve ever met. She’s always ready to try something new, to offer more and better services to our clients.”

“Together these women change lives every day,” Donna said. “I know of marriages that have been brought back together because of our sexual enhancement services. I see teenagers walk in with their self-esteem dragging because of acne, then watch them stand taller and feel 100 times better about themselves when we’re able to address that acne. Clients run in to have their makeup done and buy a new outfit when they’re on their way to an event, and trust we’ll have them looking amazing. Kathy Hodges took over our boutique a few months ago and is doing an amazing job. She told me, ‘This is where I feed my soul. I crave being here.’”

Everybody Knows Your Name

Donna originally opened Studio 360 Med Spa because she was tired of running all over town for the aesthetic services she needed. She was also tired of the stuffy, pretentious environment of some spas. “We’re the “Cheers” of med spas,” Donna said. “Everybody knows your name, and everyone is glad to see you. People come by just to visit, sitting out in the courtyard and chat. Everyone loves being here and these women are why. Studio 360 is warm and welcoming—and fun! And if there’s a service our clients want, we’ll do our best to add it.”

Full Menu of Client Services

Studio 360 Med Spa offers a full menu of anti-aging, body sculpting, injectable, and health and wellness services, including:

  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Laser Hair Reduction
  • Photofacial Treatment
  • Professional Makeup Services
  • Microneedling
  • Scar/Stretchmark Reduction
  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Hair Restoration
  • Vein Treatment
  • Vampire Facelifts
  • Hormone Replacement
  • IV Therapy
  • Vitamin Injections
  • And so much more

Maybe you’re looking to change your lip shape or achieve a plumper pout with injectables. Perhaps your man is experiencing the fatigue, depression, lack of focus, and body changes that come with low testosterone. Or you’re a woman dealing with stress incontinence, decreased sensation, and vaginal dryness. Maybe you’re noticing fine lines and wrinkles in the mirror than weren’t there before. These and so many other reasons bring clients to Studio 360 Med Spa.

Giving Back

Donna says her life scripture is Proverbs 31:25 which speaks of a woman who is clothed in strength and dignity and who works for a better future. “What’s good for this community is good for us,” she said. Studio 360 Med Spa is a big supporter of Helping Hands for Little Hearts and Mission Moms, a food pantry for single moms. “Our clients are great about supporting local causes, and we love finding ways we can all give back together. Last year, we filled a whole hippy van with healthy snacks for kids. It’s not unusual for one of our girls to say, ‘I have a family that needs…’ and we’re ready to jump in to fill that need. This community is already amazing. We want to do whatever we can to make it even better,” Donna shared.

“When we opened this studio, there were 13 competitors within two miles,” Donna said. “It was scary, and I worried I was making a mistake. We weren’t even in a spot that got much foot traffic. But none of our competitors were offering one location to get everything done. None of them offer the look and—more importantly—the feel of Studio 360. And none of them have the outstanding team we have. We’re killing it, and it’s all because of these women!”

Find out more about Studio 360 Med Spa at


2300 Highland Village Road, Suite 300
Highland Village, Texas 75077

(972) 318-3600

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