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Should I see an oral surgeon such as yourself for wisdom tooth removal and dental implant placement?

Yes. You want to have these surgeries performed by a specialist who has the training to manage any complications that may arise. Speaking personally, as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, I perform surgery all the time, not just once in a while. And with years of experience in addition to lengthy advanced post-graduate training, I offer the expertise and skills to address even the most complex cases as well as unexpected complications. Additionally, we have an on-site outpatient surgery center with four operatories. Safety is a top priority.

What does it mean to be an outpatient surgery center?

Our operating rooms are all positive pressure rooms. Positive pressure is used in cleanrooms where the focus is on keeping any possible germs or contaminants out of the cleanroom. Every procedure is done in a sterile fashion. Even the gloves we use are sterile, compared to regular exam gloves. We have a backup generator in the event of a power outage, a fully equipped crash cart, and a HEPA air purification system. All this helps ensure patient safety and that we are equipped to handle the unexpected.

Why are dental implants so popular and why are you one of DFW’s go-to experts for dental implant placement?

Simply put, dental implants are the preferred replacement for missing teeth because they feel, function, and look like natural teeth.

To answer the second part of the question, in addition to the things we’ve already discussed, my team and I offer a complete set of services that may be required in addition to implant placement, such as sinus lifts, soft tissue grafts, and bone grafts.

Furthermore, to help ensure the best outcome with implant placement, I use a 3D cone beam CT scanner that enables me to map out the exact implant placement. I also use X-NAV Dynamic 3D Navigation technology that extends the capabilities of the cone beam system, enabling even greater precision and accuracy of implant position, angle, and depth.


Do wisdom teeth really need to be removed?

Yes. Studies indicate that 95 percent of people end up with impacted wisdom teeth, and the majority need to have these teeth removed sometime in their life. Additionally, literature shows that erupted wisdom teeth cannot be easily cleaned. This means bacteria can build up and cause inflammation.


If you were a myth buster, what myth would you address?

That’s a good question. It would be the myth that it’s best to go to a “one-stop-shop.” This gets back to why you should see a specialist. My goal isn’t to be all things to everyone, but to strive to be the best at my specialty. I believe seeing a specialist helps make the patient experience easier and generally produces better outcomes. Whether you’re interested in dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, jaw surgery for a poor bite, or another issue requiring oral surgery, schedule a consultation. Experience firsthand the expertise and a level of personalized care that makes us stand out.


DFW Oral Surgeons

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John C. Shillingburg, DDS
John C. Shillingburg, DDS

Dr. Shillingburg is an award-winning, board-certified oral, and maxillofacial surgeon. After earning his DDS, he spent years completing post-graduate training, earning an advanced degree in oral surgery. He received certification from and is a diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and is trained in dentoalveolar surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, dental implant surgery, orthognathic surgery, facial reconstructive oral surgery, and dental anesthesiology.


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