Esprit International School


Espirit International School

Located in The Woodlands, Esprit International School offers challenging and rewarding academic programs for primary, lower and upper elementary, middle and high school students ages 2.5 to 18. As an accredited Montessori and authorized IB World school, the curriculum and programs are designed to build a strong academic foundation while nurturing a child’s social, emotional, physical, and moral development. This approach encourages a child’s independence, self-motivation, and decision making skills, helping them to become confident leaders. 

“We believe that school should be a dynamic, interesting, and fun place to be,” shared head of school Rosemary Brumbelow, Ed.D. “We believe that it is important to create diverse communities where kids can be their full selves and, ultimately, find their confidence and voice. We also believe that educational excellence goes hand-in-hand with social emotional awareness and that competence in both areas is essential for our students to become thoughtful, respectful, and confident young adults and world citizens.”

Inquisitiveness Propels Learning

As staff and administration prepare to close their 20th school year, the well-established Esprit International School is a place where learning is flexible and experienced teachers apply various teaching techniques, giving wide dimension to a carefully planned curriculum. “It is a process based on the principle of freedom with responsibility in a carefully prepared environment suitable to the nature of the child and catering to their need to learn by doing,” explained Dr. Brumbelow. “Combined with an environment that encourages a natural curiosity, educators teach each child individually, guiding according to his or her interests, aptitudes, and needs, which, in turn, teaches the child self-discipline.”

Esprit offers multi-aged classes (2.5 – 6 yrs., 6 – 9 yrs., 9 – 12 yrs., and high school level), which encourage collaboration and presents endless opportunities for mutual help. “Achievement, both academically and socially, is fostered by tuning into the need of the individual. Children learn how to plan their own use of time to meet their academic needs within an environment that strives to bolster their self-esteem.”

“The result is confident, happy children who are engaged in their own education and who carry a love of learning with them for a lifetime.”

Educational Excellence and Community

Beyond math, science, reading, and writing, classes taught at Esprit include art, foreign language, and music. Dr. Brumbelow explained that students also embrace a range of extracurricular activities which include student council, yearbook, athletics, game design, virtual reality, a makers’ space (comprised of woodworking, laser cutting, 3D-design, and sewing), and practical, enriching life-skill classes including cooking and home repair. “Our solid academic foundation, taught in a supportive environment, teaches core values in life. We foster collaboration as a community that works together to succeed together.”

teachers at Espirit International School The Woodlands help the students learnThe classrooms, characterized by a student-centered approach, enable students to manage time, exercise choice, organize themselves, and practice self-regulation within a group context. “Students get a lot of personalized experience with their instructors,” said Dr. Brumbelow. “Teachers do not want rehearsed information but instead expect hard work to make sure the student truly understands what they are studying. They hope to spark a love of learning and are committed to the school philosophy in helping even our youngest students reach their highest potential.”

Esprit’s secondary programs, for middle and high school students, integrate rigorous academic studies with purposeful work, preparing teenagers for college and life beyond. “Our project-based approach allows students to design their own independent or small group projects, including presentations, experiments, debates, skits, and speeches. Some projects are completed over the course of a week while others are more multi-disciplinary, and extended in length, allowing the student the opportunity to pursue any topic of personal interest at a level far beyond most environments. It’s exciting to watch our students not only define their interests and pursuits, but also support their peers in the smaller school community that has been established.”

Besides helping mold young adults and world citizens, another representation of the school’s continued success is the numerous awards they have won over the past decade, including “Best Private School 2016, 2018”, “Best Child Care 2016, 2018”, and “Best Early Education 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018” by Living Magazine readers.

Esprit International School is an extraordinary place for children to learn and grow and Dr. Brumbelow welcomes the opportunity to meet you! “I look forward to many more decades of helping children engage in their own education. I love our community and what our team has created to serve our future leaders,” she said.



4266 Interfaith Way
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
(281) 298-9200

By Clare Heekin Lynch
Photos By April Sanchez of Taylor Morgan Photography