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Top Docs 2021 - Robin A. Hall, DO and Carl DuCharme, DO

Many of us hire a financial advisor to help manage our investments and plan for our financial future. But what good is that future if we spend it in poor health? At Destination Health, they help patients manage their “health portfolio.” It’s an idea whose time has come. Operating on a membership basis, they begin by truly getting to know each unique patient. They personally review each patient’s medical history, define their current state of health and their health goals, perform thorough physical examinations, and organize an in-depth analysis of diagnostic tests and labs, including genetic markers, with the goal of optimum health — for a lifetime. It’s not about sick care. It’s about wellness.

When you visit Destination Health, you’re greeted by staff who knows you by name. You see “your” doctor, not a new face each time. Because the practice is small by design, appointments are never rushed. Your doctors truly know you, your lifestyle, your challenges, your preferences, and your medical history and can focus on your individual needs. Drs. Hall and DuCharme place an emphasis on patient education and look for the systemic causes of any issues, rather than merely addressing symptoms.

Meet Dr. Robin Hall

Dr. Hall didn’t have medical role models when she was growing up. “Back then, girls were encouraged to be teachers, nurses, or housewives, not doctors,” she said. “I always enjoyed science and was very curious by nature. I even worked at a hospital EKG department in college. But there weren’t female doctors for me to emulate. One of the male cardiologists told me I had a talent for reading EKGs. He asked whether I’d ever considered medical school.”

Dr. Hall took that encouragement and ran with it. Once in med school, she was one of very few female students. “Medical school and residency were tough,” she remembered. “I felt like I had to work twice as hard as my male counterparts. There were also stereotypes about women in medicine, and I didn’t fit the mold.” After medical school, she opened Colleyville Family Medicine, where she thrived for fourteen years. But she longed to spend more time with her patients than a traditional practice allowed and to focus on proactive wellness.

Destination Health, an innovative concierge medicine practice, was founded by Dr. Hall in 2005. “People didn’t know what to think because there was nothing like this in the area,” she said. “But it was the best decision I ever made. We follow a prevention model looking at root causes rather than treating symptoms, and we offer our patients access to us 24/7. It’s all about your ‘health span’. We each have a life span, but you can live it in a healthy state or an unhealthy state. We will all age. We want to help you age well.”

Meet Dr. Carl DuCharme

Dr. DuCharme recently joined Destination Health. He came from an area of the country where even “concierge” practices focus on the sick care model. “We offer a complete 180,” he said. “Many of our patients are busy executives and entrepreneurs. When they call our office, they get a live person on the phone and respects their need for convenience and access.”

Dr. DuCharme places an emphasis on fitness, nutrition, and harnessing the human body’s natural ability to heal itself. “The first time I meet with a patient, I ask them what their health goals are,” he said. “We focus on longevity — not just span of life but quality. Many of the things we do in our day-to-day lives add up. Maybe you’re not sleeping right, not exercising, or are under stress. All of that can affect your wellness. We want to get all these pieces of the puzzle and start putting them together with the end goal of lifelong optimum health.”

The Destination Health Difference

Every Destination Health member is provided with an annual executive physical, which begins with an extensive medical history and review of current health concerns. Before the exam, the patient undergoes extensive laboratory and diagnostic procedures, which include imaging and genetic testing.

Next comes a thorough head-to-toe physical exam, including a pap smear for women and a prostate exam for men. They test strength and balance, examine the skin, the musculoskeletal system, and other vital systems. Then, the patient sits down, and the doctor reviews test and physical exam results in detail and makes recommendations on overall health and wellbeing. These recommendations may include specific nutraceuticals (medical-grade nutritional supplements) or prescription medication and lifestyle modification. Additionally, they provide ongoing care throughout the year and act as a liaison, should the patient need to be referred to a specialist.

Cardiovascular Risk Assessments

Through advanced training in the evidenced-based BaleDoneen Method, Drs. Hall and DuCharme evaluate your cardiovascular risk through genetics, vascular imaging, advanced diagnostic blood testing and give you an individualized cardio risk assessment and treatment plan. “You can be the perfect weight, be a nonsmoker, exercise regularly, eat healthy, have normal blood pressure and cholesterol, and still have a heart attack or stroke,” Dr. DuCharme said. “This cutting-edge evaluation catches problems that would otherwise not be known until a cardiovascular event occurs. This method can truly save lives.”

Anti-Aging through Peptide Therapy

Drs. Hall and DuCharme are both certified in peptide therapy. “As we age, our bodies naturally decrease the production of peptides,” Dr. Hall said. “Peptide Therapy can help reduce body fat and build lean muscle, increase energy, promote fuller, firmer skin, reduce inflammation, enhance immunity, improve sex drive for men and women, and help erectile dysfunction in men. We can help you look good and feel good.”

Destination Health also offers their members bioidentical hormone replacement in many forms, including hormone pellets. They also offer aesthetic services such as Botox and Juvederm fillers.


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