Dental Professionals of Rockwall

Since opening Dental Professionals of Rockwall in 2008, Dr. Brigette Koetter has been serving the Rockwall community using the most advanced technology. Dr. Koetter and her staff are passionate about the people they serve and the work they do. They love living and working in the Rockwall community where they can share their expertise with patients.

Preventive Care

Oral health affects other areas of the body, so Dr. Koetter is even more dedicated to preventive care of her patients for their health. She says, “Your oral health affects your overall well-being. Our office spends time with each patient to personalize a plan that is best for their needs presently and in the future.”

Preventive care is a priority because it is cost effective and less invasive for her patients. Dr. Koetter’s office uses the latest technology, such as intraoral imaging, which can help her diagnose and treat certain oral problems sooner than with traditional dental technology. Only the size of a pen, the intraoral cameras take full-color images with high resolution to make diagnosis much easier. Also, using smaller sensors and digital technology for X-rays makes the experience more enjoyable for patients and more effective in finding potential problems.

Expert in Many Areas

Dr. Koetter understands that the dental office is not everyone’s favorite place. Therefore, she and her staff want to make visits comfortable and efficient. Dr. Koetter and her staff handle so much more than routine cleanings and checkups. From tooth extraction and bridges to whitening and Invisalign treatments, Dr. Koetter is dedicated to providing quality dental procedures. She says, “In one appointment, I’ll be putting braces on a teenager, and in the next, dentures on a grandparent. Then, I’ll do root canal on an uncle.” Every patient has unique needs, and Dr. Koetter can address them in-house.

Dr. Koetter continues to advance her office with staff training in sleep apnea and cosmetic procedures. Sleep apnea causes health issues and can present in many ways, including snoring. Although most people with sleep apnea are unaware of the lack of energy they have, it is a life-changing experience once they have been treated. For a couple suffering from sleep apnea, she says, “After giving them the sleep apnea appliance, their quality of life goes through the roof. The spouse is happy and can sleep better, too!” Oral sleep apnea appliances are less cumbersome and easier to travel with than CPAP machines.

One of her favorite cosmetic services that enhances smiles is Invisalign, the teeth-straightening solution that uses clear removable trays instead of the traditional metal braces. As a Preferred Provider, Dr. Koetter has been working with Invisalign for nearly 20 years. With formal training courses under their belts, even Dr. Koetter’s staff members are extremely knowledgeable on advanced techniques and provide the best Invisalign treatment available.

Priority: Patients’ Comfort

Although it is doubtful that anyone truly looks forward to a root canal, some feel genuine fear of the dentist. Dr. Koetter’s brother is one of these patients as a result of his military service. “I have firsthand experience with that fear of coming,” she says. “I want patients to be comfortable even if we have to do something they aren’t looking forward to.”

How does she calm and comfort frightened patients? “I develop a relationship with them. They know they can trust me,” Dr. Koetter says. “They know they are in control of the appointment and that we are doing what is best for them.” Of course, relaxing massaging dental chairs and TVs in every room don’t hurt either!

Relationships with Patients

As Dr. Koetter advanced in her college studies and dental career, she kept in contact with her childhood dentist and the dentist who employed her in high school and college. “I’m lucky that they are mentors to me even today,” she says. As a result, she has a personal and professional network of experienced, highly qualified dentists from whom she learned the value of developing meaningful, personal relationships with her patients.

Who doesn’t love the small town feel that Rockwall has? But to Dr. Koetter, Rockwall is more than just a lovely place to work; it is her home. She says, “I live here in the community, and patients are my neighbors.” As a friendly neighbor, she gets to know her patients and genuinely cares about what’s happening in their lives. “I love getting to hear little tidbits of their daily lives. It’s amazing to see what can change in six months—engagements, pregnancies, and other adventures,” Dr. Koetter says. Dental Professionals of Rockwall is a great environment for the whole family.

Staff Family

When her two children aren’t in school, you may find them at the office performing “dental work” on their grandma and grandpa. “They love it here. They think this is a normal place to hang out,” Dr. Koetter says. That is just how comfortable and family-oriented it is at Dental Professionals of Rockwall. Also, most of Dr. Koetter’s staff members have been with her from the beginning. She says, “My staff truly is like a family. We have the same philosophy and the same goals, and we treat our patients like family.”

Within the last year, Dr. Koetter brought on another dentist, Dr. Abby Mann, who graduated from Rockwall High School. As Rockwall continues to grow, so does Dental Professionals of Rockwall, but the personal, neighborly feeling will always remain the same.

Quick Facts about Invisalign Treatment for Teens and Adults

  • Can straighten teeth up to 50 percent faster.
  • Uses clear, removable trays to force teeth into place.
  • Starts with a digital scan of your mouth to measure the trays.
  • Needs to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day for best results.
  • Can help teens be twice as confident.


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By Lacey Kupfer Wulf