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Top Docs 2021 - Alisa Reed, DDS, and Stacey Smith, DDS

By Annette Brooks

Have you ever felt anxious about visiting the dentist? Perhaps you’ve put off dental appointments for a while and feel self-conscious about the condition of your smile. Or maybe you’re new to The Woodlands area and wonder which dental practice is the best match for you. One visit to Dental Designs by Alisa Reed, and any apprehension you may be feeling will melt away. Not only will you love your smile once you’re a patient, but you will also find yourself loving to visit the dentist.

Comprehensive Dental Care for the Whole Family

Dental Designs by Alisa Reed is a full-service, state-of-the-art dental practice with two convenient locations in The Woodlands. The warm, upbeat office atmosphere and a top-notch team reflect the dentists’ passion for helping their patients maintain good oral health and enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful smile.

Dr. Alisa Reed, the practice owner and founder, primarily practices in the Medical Plaza office. Dr. Stacey Smith, who has been practicing in The Woodlands for years, provides expert dental care at the Panther Creek location. Dr. Reed especially loves creating life-changing smile makeovers. Dr. Smith enjoys replacing patients’ missing teeth with new ones that look, function, and feel just like natural teeth.

The Modern Solution for Missing Teeth by Dr. Stacey Smith

More patients are choosing dental implants over bridges or partial dentures to replace missing teeth. Implants, which replace the root of a missing tooth, are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. A crown (restoration) is then placed on top of the implant, and voila — you have a brand-new tooth.

“You can eat whatever you want to eat with implants, and you don’t have to worry about an implant affecting adjacent teeth,” Dr. Smith explains. “Properly placed, implants have a long-term success rate of around 97 to 98%. Also, you don’t have to use special cleaning tools to maintain good oral hygiene.”

After earning her DDS, Dr. Smith completed a two-year advanced general dentistry program. She received in-depth post-graduate training in dental implants and taught dental implant placement in the program.

Dental Implants, What to Expect

Your tooth replacement journey with Dr. Smith begins with a thorough exam that includes digital imaging. “Based on your evaluation, we’ll review options,” she says. If you choose dental implants, her goal is to ensure the implant is placed properly for correct function, aesthetics, and longevity.

“Getting a dental implant isn’t a scary process. Patients typically experience minimal postoperative discomfort, and the result is a brand-new tooth that feels and looks natural,” Dr. Smith says. For your comfort and peace of mind, she uses twilight sedation during dental implant procedures.

If a damaged tooth is present, Dr. Smith will extract it. You may also need a bone graft to build up your jawbone to hold the implant in place. “Implants essentially become part of your anatomy when they fuse and anchor with your jawbone. Transplanting healthy bone tissue helps provide a stable foundation for the implant,” she explains.

After an extraction and/or a bone graft, you will need to recover for a while. Dr. Smith can create a temporary for you to wear during this period.

When the implant has integrated with the bone (osseointegration), Dr. Smith puts an attachment (an abutment) on the top of the implant, on which she will place a custom-made porcelain crown (restoration). Crown placement only requires a short appointment.

Once your implant and restoration are in place, you will care for your new tooth as you would your natural teeth. Practice excellent oral hygiene, see your dentist regularly for checkups and avoid damaging habits.

Transformative, Custom-designed Smiles by Dr. Alisa Reed

Patients are investing in themselves more than ever, and upgrading their smiles is high on their list. Dr. Reed uses advanced imaging software, so you can virtually try on your new smile before treatment.

Smile Makeover, What to Expect

Dr. Reed’s one-of-a-kind smiles beautifully fit her patient’s face and personality, but there’s more to her smile designs than aesthetics alone.

“A new smile should feel comfortable and be long-lasting, in addition to being aesthetically appealing,” she says. “It’s important to start with a good foundation. If gum disease is present, we want to treat this first. Otherwise, it could create various health and dental problems, including tooth loss, regardless of the cosmetic work that’s been done.”

Next, she looks at how your smile functions. “Misaligned teeth or a bad bite can cause problems and affect the longevity of a smile makeover,” Dr. Reed says. She may recommend Invisalign to correct these issues. Replacing missing teeth is also essential. When a tooth is missing, your teeth may shift into the gap, which can lead to a crooked smile, bite problems, and more.

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, Dr. Reed offers flexibility, from teeth whitening to lustrous, life-like porcelain veneers and crowns. Her smile designs often combine services to create the smile of your dreams. When using veneers, she strives to conserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.

“It’s a magical moment when patients see their new smile for the first time,” Dr. Reed shares. “When they return for checkups, they report smiling more often and feeling more confident and positive. They walk with a new spring in their step, beaming from ear to ear.”

You and your family deserve the best in dental care. Check out the practice’s perfect 5-star Google rating. Read why people who discover “Top Docs” Alisa Reed, DDS, and Stacey Smith, DDS, become patients for life. Call to schedule your appointment today.


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