Dana Davis, Tante Williams

We Got This, Sis

By Melissa Gautier

Women have the innate ability to sense feelings and needs, lean into problems, and facilitate positive change. But sometimes, many women shy away from or even neglect utilizing these powerful qualities. If you want to be a source of strength to those around you, authors Dana Davis and Tante Williams encourage you to dig deep, use your gifts, and plant solid roots within yourself first.

“We Got This, Sis” is Dana and Tante’s co-written labor of love – a timely, faith-based collection of 40-day heartfelt exhortations that inspire women to uncover their inner strengths, to fiercely empower, and boldly love themselves and others. In doing so, women can model these richly-cultivated attributes for future generations, promoting self-confidence, inner peace, and wellbeing.

“Women need one another,” Tante explains. “We Got This, Sis” was borne out of the pandemic’s extended self-isolation last year, illuminating the fact that community is a valued ingredient for belonging and edification. Dana and Tante strive to promote, unify, and strengthen women of all ages and diverse backgrounds through meaningful friendships and connections. These divine associations encourage and reinforce womens’ place in the world as leaders, innovators, and agents of change.

Faith-based, Practical Solutions

“Women are emotionally-driven creatures,” says Dana. “It can be challenging for us to manage family, home, and business at the same time.” Through relatable, real-life experiences, “We Got This, Sis” highlights how to adore yourself and ultimately become whole to love and support others.

“This enables you to thrive in life and in the workplace,” Dana adds. Through the pages of the book, you’ll discover how the co-authors navigate failures and life changes, handle conflict, and manage negative thoughts. At the end of each uplifting exhortation, you’ll be given faith-based, practical solutions that encourage reflection, empowerment, and prayer. Dana and Tante offer workshops and seminars to complement and emphasize their book’s message. Since its debut in November, 2020, they have been invited to speak to various groups, including a virtual event and a faith-based gathering.

Both Tante and Dana have a strong foundation of faith. Tante grew up in the church listening to her father’s sermons as a minister in Houston. A journalist by trade, she currently works in the biotech industry. Dana ministers to youth and married couples. After 11 years in corporate America, she now handles finances for the business she jointly owns with her husband. They both say, “This is our first book, but it won’t be our last!” Ten percent of the books’ proceeds will be invested in a women’s charity.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab your book, Bible, and pen, and get comfy. Immerse yourself in the engaging exhortations starting with Day One. Make the most of your introspective journey by focusing on the Reflection, Empowerment, and Prayer pages at the end of each exhortation. And remember, you got this, sis.


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