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Top-rated comprehensive dentist, Dr. Nelson Lo, has patients from all over the globe travel to see him in Plano, Texas. He has helped hundreds of patients achieve their dreams of healthy, beautiful smiles. From national dignitaries and celebrities to Plano area residents, Dr. Lo and his team at Couture Dentistry / Dental Implant Surgical Institute treat each patient with kindhearted care that keeps them coming back year after year. With extensive knowledge and skills gleaned from a distinctive residency program at the University of Chicago Hospitals, Dr. Lo has made a name for himself when it comes to quality, comprehensive dental treatment.

Why are patients from New York, Missouri, Los Angeles, and London flying in for appointments with Dr. Lo? “They were loyal patients of mine when they lived in Texas and have since moved to other states and countries,” he explains. “They say they don’t mind spending money for a plane ticket when they know their work will be done correctly and within budget. We treat them, as well as every patient, like they are valued.”

“We treat people with respect, just like an old-time practice.”

A self-proclaimed “old fashioned dentist,” Dr. Lo’s private practice creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere for everyone. “We have heard patients complain that they have felt like cattle being herded at a dentist’s office. At Couture Dentistry, it’s like the old days, where we know everyone’s name that walks in the door. It is important to us that our patients know they are cared for. Patients appreciate that I don’t upsell services and I hold personal responsibility for everything,” he says. “It’s really how a private practice should be.”

The “Lo-Down” on Customized Services

Dr. Lo and his team offer a wide spectrum of dental services including restorative, preventive, cosmetic, and surgically-placed dental implants. He is trained in prosthodontics and dental surgery, performing all of his own procedures. The complexity of both his cosmetic dentistry and surgically-placed dental implant cases allow him to utilize his specialized skill and precision technique to deliver remarkable results. Dr. Lo performed studies for implant companies during his residency at University of Chicago, resulting in groundbreaking published articles. Word of mouth spread and propelled him to international recognition. Even a politician from Romania found himself in Dr. Lo’s dental chair at Couture Dentistry. 

coutour dentistry living magazine coverProgressive Technology,  Definitive Solutions

With quality dental care, maintaining your oral health positively contributes to your overall health, function, comfort, and appearance. Each custom treatment Dr. Lo designs is focused on your teeth’s resilience and endurance. When properly maintained, your teeth can last a lifetime. State-of-the-art technology at Couture Dentistry includes a digital 3D CT imaging scan. This innovative scan is used to precisely determine your diagnosis, while providing Dr. Lo unmistakable solutions for developing your personal dental plan. With the use of digital X-rays, he can detect any early decay below the surfaces of the teeth. You’ll be able to clearly see your teeth onscreen, while Dr. Lo explains any presenting issues. “I educate my patients very well,” he says. “Most of them have learned how to recognize decay on X-rays and trust my professional advice.”

Personal Consultations, Lifetime Guarantees

Couture Dentistry strives to help you understand every aspect of your dental needs while educating you on your best options. You are offered the opportunity to consult with Dr. Lo regarding your dental care at no cost to you. His approachable nature and pleasant personality make communication easy. Together, you can discuss the advantages of implants, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, or even a second opinion. Furthermore, Couture Dentistry offers a lifetime guarantee on all dental implants, crowns, and fillings. Dr. Lo will adjust, repair, or replace at no cost, provided the patient adheres to recommended maintenance and dental appointments.

Dentist Before and After photo dfwDr. Lo has been together with his wife and college sweetheart, Annette, for 23 years. They have two boys, Andrew, age 14 and Bradley, age 12. Moving to Texas from Chicago 10 years ago, Dr. Lo and Annette are active in charity events, donating to various foundations and scholarships for education. They believe “education is the key to getting out of any situation.”

Are you ready to discover what Dr. Lo can do for you? Begin your path to renewed self-confidence and look forward to smiling again! Call Couture Dentistry to schedule a complimentary consultation.


  • Nobel Biocare Surgical Dental Implant Procedures
  • All-on-4
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Veneers
  • Botox for TMD/TMJ
  • Cosmetic Dentistry 



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