Couture Dentistry

When it comes to your smile, you don’t want to settle for less than the best. Centrally located in Plano, Couture Dentistry is a world-renowned office, with patients that come from all over the globe to be treated there. Dr. Nelson Lo has created a welcoming dental practice that comforts patients with a relaxing environment, expertise, efficiency, and compassion.

Recently, Dr. Joon Cho joined the Couture Dentistry team. “I wanted to join a practice where we can provide advanced dental care in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere with state-of-the-art technology. After interviewing a lot of different offices, Couture Dentistry was incomparable with others,” Dr. Cho says.

Another Top Doc at Couture Dentistry

In January 2018, Dr. Cho joined the practice. After graduating with a biochemistry degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Cho went to the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston and participated in the Advanced Oral Surgery Honors Program for performing more advanced procedures and treating more complex conditions. Dr. Lo says. “Dr. Cho has great compassionate for his patients and will do anything in his professional power to help. We have the same philosophy in that regard.”

One of Dr. Cho’s favorite quotes, “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion,” comes from Simon Sinek. Clearly, Dr. Cho is passionate about dentistry and caring for patients. “The opportunity to alleviate pain and suffering is priceless,” Dr. Cho says.

Innovative Technology

Actual Patient of Nelson Lo, DDS

As a key opinion leader for Nobel Biocare, Carestream Dental, and Kerr Endodontics, Dr. Lo gets to try the latest technologies in the office. As a result, Couture Dentistry can offer same-day implants and crowns because of their milling machine, in-house 3D CT scans, anesthetic buffering (which makes the injection less painful), and many other beneficial procedures. These technologies provide more data than traditional equipment, so the dentists can give patients the best care possible.

Using intraoral cameras, the dentists at Couture Dentistry can scan the prepared tooth within a couple of minutes, which eliminates the need for uncomfortable silicone impressions. Every innovation at Couture Dentistry has patient comfort and procedure success in mind.

On top of the latest equipment, Dr. Lo and Dr. Cho use the newest materials engineered to create brighter, happier smiles. For example, new crowns have almost zero chance of chipping and look great without that dark gray line often seen with older, traditional materials. By taking advantage of these new materials, patients can smile a little wider and have confidence that their smile will stay brighter longer.

Innovative Dentists

The innovation doesn’t stop at the amazing technology in the office. Dr. Lo says, “I often offer my patients solutions that were not thought of, and we can mutually agree to give things a try at a lower cost, if possible. I get called the “MacGyver” of dentistry.” He adds, “Nate Berkus told me that I am so fast I should open a kiosk at the mall.” It also doesn’t hurt to have two Top Docs in one office. “We can bounce ideas back and forth to figure out the most efficient way structurally and financially to achieve what the patient wants,” Dr. Lo says.

For the dentists at Couture Dentistry, the cool gadgets and new equipment used in their practice have led to better, more effective results.  “When people think about technology, they are solely focused on improving processes and examining data, but we are literally changing people’s lives every day!” Dr. Cho says. “With digital imaging, mockups, and qualities of our crowns being appealing translucent color with strength and durability, patients leave our office with vibrant, harmonious, and beautiful smiles.”

Lifetime Guarantee

The placed and restored implants from the doctors at Couture Dentistry have a success rate of over 99 percent over a lifetime. In fact, Couture Dentistry offers a lifetime guarantee on all dental implants, abutments, implant crowns, or full mouth restorations. If needed, they will adjust, repair, or replace—at no cost to patients—if patients follow maintenance instructions and keep their hygiene appointments.

On top of the lifetime guarantee, once patients receive a quote, it is what they pay even if the doctors run into unexpected issues during the procedures. That is how confident the doctors at Couture Dentistry are in their work.

Loyal Patients

Couture Dentistry has an extremely loyal patient base not only in the Plano area but all over the world. Patients who currently live in New York, South Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Norway, and even Saudi Arabia—just to name a few—fly to visit Dr. Lo. He even treats many celebrities such as Nancy Lieberman, assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings; Marcus Spears, Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman; and James Valenti, world famous opera singer. These patients keep coming back for the best treatment available at Couture Dentistry. Dr. Lo says, “You’re only as great as your patients, and our amazing patients make us great.”

Changing Patients’ Lives

When fixing problems with patients’ teeth, the dentists at Couture Dentistry understand the importance of their work and the effect of it on their patients. “I get to significantly change people’s lives. When I was 24, I had 16 crowns put in for aesthetics, and I fully understand what it does to your inner self,” Dr. Lo says. “I felt more confident and happy that I could smile without being embarrassed. Now I get to give this gift to others.” Dr. Cho adds, “The pleasure and satisfaction of changing a patient’s life by giving them beautiful smile cannot be measured.”

To utilize the most advanced technology and compassionate and capable dentists for all your dental needs, the choice is clear—Dr. Nelson Lo and Dr. Joon Cho at Couture Dentistry.


5904 Chapel Hill Boulevard, Suite 200

Plano, Texas 75093

(214) 919-7040


By Lacey Kupfer Wulf

Photograph by Lee Ann Baker, LABphotography