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Felicia Fields

Felicia Fields had an unusual Zoom meeting the other day. It was an adoption. “We were all there on Zoom—the judge, court reporter, foster mom, and case manager,” Felicia said. “I could see the mom grinning from ear to ear. She got this baby as a newborn and had been a great foster parent to him. Now she’ll be a great forever family.”

As director and CEO of Comfort CPA Care, Felicia puts her heart and soul into finding children the home they deserve, whether it’s a safe, loving, temporary home while parents work on issues in their lives, or a forever home through adoption. “There are 11,000 kids in DFW who need care,” Felicia said. “If you’re twenty-one or older and have a safe home and love in your heart for a child, you can be a foster or adoptive parent.”

Growing up, Felicia’s family cared for eight foster kids. “They still call my mother ‘Mom’ and send her flowers on Mother’s Day,” Felicia said. “My grandmother also adopted three kids my mom and I helped care for. Everything has been about kids in my life, whether it’s running a daycare or providing meals to families in need. With my child placement agency, my phone starts ringing early and doesn’t stop.”

But for Felicia, it’s worth it. “We had four adoptions in the past year and seven more scheduled,” she said. “We’ve been able to place several kids temporarily and know they’re getting the care they deserve. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.”

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By Meredith Knight