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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a dynamic, low-impact, full-body form of exercise that can boost your strength, balance, and mobility and relax your mind. The Pilates fitness system was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates who created it to help World War I soldiers restore their inner strength—literally and figuratively. Pilates combines deep breathing with gentle stretching and an emphasis on your “powerhouse,” the abs, lower back, pelvic floor, hips, and glutes. But a good Pilates workout also hits other areas. The benefits of Pilates include stronger muscles throughout the core, better posture, better balance, greater mental focus, improved overall health, a more flexible body, and less back pain.


What’s the different between yoga and Pilates?

Yoga seeks to heal the body and help find mental harmony, to increase flexibility, to promote relaxation and unite the body, mind, and spirit. Pilates has many of the same goals but in addition to the mat work typical to yoga, Pilates introduces exercise machines as well. Pilates works the entire body, in addition to the mind, focusing on the core of the body so the rest can freely move, making you stronger inside and out. Pilates combines flexibility and strength for stronger, leaner muscles.


What should I look for in a Pilates instructor?

Look for an instructor who’s certified for mat and Pilates equipment. All Club Pilates instructors are comprehensively certified with 500 hours of classical training in Joseph Pilate’s principles with a modern twist. Look for an instructor who’ll work with you at your fitness level and make modifications as you need them, one who connects with students and makes your workout fun. All Club Pilates studios are PMA approved. 


How can I get the most out of my Pilates class?

While you may not be crushing high-intensity exercises like burpees or lifting heavy dumbbells, Pilates mostly bodyweight routines can still be intense. Dedicating your entire focus to even the smallest movements means you’ll work the muscles that each exercise intends. Expect a little soreness the next day, not just in the core but the entire trunk, abdominals, hips, inner and outer thighs, and back. Wear formfitting clothes, so your instructor can see your movements better and the clothes don’t get caught in springs or other equipment. And take advantage of the social aspects of Pilates. The right studio will feel like a welcoming community where members look forward to seeing each other and spending time together.


How often should I do Pilates?

The best Pilates schedule is one that will fit within your weekly routine and support your fitness goals. Like all forms of exercise, Pilates has the best results if it’s practiced consistently. Performing workouts a minimum of three times per week is a good rule of thumb. This is a schedule that will increase strength, flexibility, and endurance. However, it should be thought of as the minimum, not the ideal. There’s no reason not to do Pilates every single day. 



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Elisa Pontone
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Elisa is a self-proclaimed Pilates nerd. “It changed my life,” she said. “I want everyone to know about it.” A native Houstonian, Elisa developed a love of dance and movement at an early age. She studied dance at the University of Montana and, while working her way back from an injury, discovered Pilates. She now owns three Club Pilates locations with her husband and brother.


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