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Clark Chiropractic SD LH 3-16_WEBWhen patients visit Clark Chiropractic and Wellness, they may be pleasantly surprised by the comprehensive evaluation they receive. Dr. Clark compares chiropractic care to building a house. “For a structure to stand strong and work correctly, there must first be a strong foundation,” said Dr. Clark.

Dr. Clark not only offers chiropractic care, but he also focuses on a variety of brain-based therapies, functional nutrition, and metabolic counseling as well as total health and wellness. “People come from across the state to see us because we offer ‘the total package’—not just chiropractic care, but functional neurology, nutrition, brain-based therapies, and neuro-feedback as well. Not a lot of practices can handle the type of problems we see.”

On a first visit to Dr. Clark’s office, patients will experience a thorough neurologic chiropractic examination, which may include neurologic, orthopedic, postural, and physical tests as well as X-rays and, in some cases, blood tests. Dr. Clark guarantees the most thorough structural and neurological examination to patients or their money back.

The second visit includes a report of the doctor’s findings and a recommended treatment plan custom-tailored to each individual patient, according to his or her specific needs. Among the most important of Dr. Clark’s many forms of treatment are his various brain-based therapies used to treat a variety of conditions from ADHD, depression, anxiety, and insomnia to stroke recovery, spinal stenosis, neuropathy, and even some autoimmune diseases.

Hako Med therapy, otherwise known as Horizontal Therapy, is one of the most sophisticated types of brain-based therapies and is considered the most advanced form of electrotherapy available.

When cellular communication is impaired, pain and disease occur. The PRO ElecDT 2000 machine used in Hako Med therapy facilitates communication between cells both biochemically and bioelectrically, allowing healing to take place. Hako Med is used to effectively treat back, knee, shoulder, and sciatic pain as well as complex chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy.

“I was in severe pain for 10 months,” said Jo, a patient of Dr. Clark’s. “I had been to eight doctors and even another chiropractor and could get no relief. After three months of treatment with Dr. Clark, I have no pain at all.”

Dr. Clark’s 360-degree approach to wellness and nutritional therapies involves evaluating his patients’ health challenges, taking inventory of their current diets, and recommending a program to educate, energize, and empower them to make lifestyle and food habit changes that allow for a healthier and more satisfying life. Dr. Clark holds monthly seminars to educate his patients, fellow practitioners, and the community. His next seminar featuring Natural Solutions for Peripheral Neuropathy will be held on March 31 at 6 p.m. at his Kingwood office.

Dr. Clark points out that his mission goes beyond standard chiropractic. “We continue to learn, study, and acquire the very best education and equipment in an effort not only to serve our patients to the best of our ability, but also to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.” For more information on Dr. Clark or to learn more about the many services Clark Chiropractic has to offer, visit them online at or call (281) 354-8330 to schedule your
initial consultation.

Most common conditions that respond to brain-based therapy and nutrition:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

Brain-based therapies include:

  • Spinal Decompression
  • Brain Balance Exercises
  • Hako Med Therapy (Horizontal Therapy)
  • NeuroFeedback
  • Cellular Exercise (Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF)

Lewis M. Clark, DC, CCWP, BCIM, CGP Board Certified in Integrative Medicine

23836 Highway 59 N

Kingwood, Texas 77339

(281) 354-8330

Text: Candace Hutto

Photo: Pat Guard

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