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Dr. Charles E. Dyer CY-TOM Front Cover Super Docs 16-3_WEB3Call it a ripple effect, a causal sequence, or a circle of influence—a single, helpful action often results in a series of consequences that spreads beyond your wildest dreams.

Passionate about helping others and extending good will, Dr. Charles Dyer believes that everything we do, even the slightest act, can have repercussions that emanate into expanding circles and impact the world at large. His interest in this concept was planted as a seed during childhood, and over time, blossomed into a lifelong mission. As a boy growing up in the close-knit community of Beaumont, Texas, Dr. Dyer watched his father, a pediatric dentist, positively impact the lives of his patients. This gave him a unique perspective on the powerful influence of helping others, and the notion that even one simple act of kindness can reach beyond the recipient to affect countless people.

Today, Dr. Dyer and family remain focused on the benefits of creating a circle of influence, and they use it as a personal measure of success. “Our dental practice allows me to reach so many people, just like my father did with his. We don’t count success in a monetary sense, but in understanding the circle of influence and how we can adapt it to help as many people as possible. Even if you do one small act a day, you can end up reaching so many. Chances are, you never know how far-reaching your circles can extend, but counting and measuring is not the goal. It’s about selflessness, doing for others, and contributing to the greater good.”

Paving a Road for Success, One Backpack at a Time

One of Dr. Dyer’s most memorable ripple effect experiences began when he decided to reach out to Rod Ryan’s morning show on 94.5 FM, to participate in Houston Children’s Charity Back2School program. The experience also drove home the importance of “never counting yourself out.”

The Back2School program supplies backpacks to students of struggling families, with an ever-growing list of essential supplies needed for academic excellence. Hoping to donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss for the backpacks, Dr. Dyer emailed the Rod Ryan show, eager to help. Nothing came of his email, but he didn’t give up. Later, in support of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, he bid on a lunch with the Rod Ryan Show by making a donation.

“I was thrilled to learn I was finally going to meet the morning show,” Dr. Dyer says. “We established a friendship and now, every year, we help out with over 2,000 backpacks a year for kids in need.”

A Legacy Begins

Dr. Dyer says the sphere of influence includes all life on earth, not just humans. He was asked to perform dental work on a very special patient—a white tiger at Houston’s Downtown Aquarium—by Dr. Mark Peckham, an exotic animal veterinarian he met while he was in dental school. His love for animals, highlighted by the menagerie of pets in his family’s Tomball home, led him to seek out more opportunities like this. Through his searches, he found The Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation (PEIVDF).

“Thousands of animals in the United States are currently living in hundreds of wildlife sanctuaries,” he says. “The volume with dental needs in these sanctuaries and at our zoos is staggering.”

Instead of being satisfied with helping one captive animal, Dr. Dyer, his wife, and children travel across the country performing dental procedures on lions and tigers, primates, bears, etc. They do this on the weekends and in their spare time.

“We’ve been on 12 missions so far, providing much needed care, and my wife, Lacy, and I are currently on the advisory committee,” Dr. Dyer says. “Lacy has such a giving heart—she inspires this in others.”

Paying It Forward

Creating your own circle of influence doesn’t always mean you get an immediate response. Dr. Dyer’s quest to help the Back2School program is a good example. The lesson in this, however, is to maintain your momentum and embrace the idea of “paying it forward”—to respond to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.

“Our happiness comes from making others happy, inside and outside of the practice,” Dr. Dyer says. “It can stem from something as unassuming as a warm smile. You never know the chain of events that will follow, and you can be anywhere along that chain—at the beginning, middle, or end. But it doesn’t matter. Being part of it is what counts.”

Dr. and Lacy Dyer and the office team believe in giving more than you get. “We hope the family atmosphere in our practice, and our surgical facility and technique will make a difference in our patients’ lives,” Dr. Dyer says. “As a consequence, this may touch other people in unimaginable ways through their circles of influence.”

More About Dr. Charles E. Dyer, IV

Dr. Charles E. Dyer CY-TOM Front Cover Super Docs 16-3_WEB2Dr. Dyer attended the University of Texas Dental Branch after graduating with honors from Texas A&M. He earned his dental degree, and then headed to the University of Kentucky to study periodontal surgery and implantology. In the meantime, he began working in three dental offices and published several articles while serving as a chief resident. Dr. Dyer soon graduated with a Master of Science in Dentistry and certification in the specialty of periodontics.

Dr. Dyer is an active participant and member of the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, the American Academy of Periodontology, the Academy of Osseointegration, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Greater Houston Society of Periodontists, Greater Houston Dental Society, Willowbrook Study Club, and the Texas A&M Association of Former Students. He continues to contribute articles to numerous dental publications and travels around the country to speak about implantology and periodontal issues.

Dr. Dyer specializes in:


  • implantology and periodontology
  • advanced treatments, compassionate patient care
  • a wide range of services
  • hard and soft tissue grafting
  • bone tissue regeneration[/one_half]
  • dental implants
  • sinus augmentation
  • crown lengthening
  • wisdom teeth
  • and more![/one_half_last]

13611 Skinner Road, Suite 230

Cypress, Texas 77429

(281) 304-9911

Text: Annette Brooks

Photo: Pearl Studios Photography

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