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What’s Your CBD Success Story?
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By Meredith Knight

Ashley Flood spends her days listening to grateful customers thank her for changing their lives. Who wouldn’t love that? As owner/operator of CBD American Shaman in Allen, she meets men and women suffering from everything from stress and social anxiety to chronic pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, the effects of chemotherapy, and more. She and her staff consult with them and make recommendations of CBD-enriched products. Next thing they know, they’re celebrating another CBD success story. Inflammation gone. Relief provided. Quality of life returned.

Ashley had her first experience with CBD oil watching it return quality of life to her husband, Dan. “We never knew when his Crohn’s Disease would flare up bringing almost constant pain, nausea, and vomiting, robbing nutrients from his food and causing him to drop weight,” she said. “His body didn’t have time to heal from one flare up before another would hit. It was so hard to watch him suffer.”

Doctors were quick to recommend a regimen of pharmaceuticals for Dan. But the Floods had been living holistically for almost ten years and wanted to find a solution more in tune to their lifestyle. “We had some success using natural remedies for his nausea but hadn’t found anything to prevent the flare-ups and inflammation,” Ashley said. Then Dan began taking ultra-concentrated, terpene-rich CBD oil derived from all-natural, high-quality, industrial hemp from CBD American Shaman. Ashley says the change was like night and day.

“CBD oil has kept flare-ups at bay, reduced inflammation, and allowed Dan’s body to heal,” Ashley said. “He’s putting on healthy weight and building muscle. He feels ‘normal’, has renewed energy, and can enjoy food again.” The Floods were so impressed they decided to open their own CBD American Shaman location. That’s when Ashley began a success story of her own.

“Opening a new business with three kids was more stressful than I thought it would be,” she shared. “I was anxious all the time. I couldn’t sleep and had little patience with the kids. Anxiety made it impossible for me to prioritize my time, so I constantly dropped the ball.” Then she began taking CBD as a daily supplement two years ago. Not only is her anxiety in check, but she’s sleeping better, has more energy, more mental clarity, and more rational thinking. “On days when there’s extra pressure on me, I can always take an extra dose,” she said.

Ashley often finds herself in the role of CBD educator. “We explain to people that CBD oil is not marijuana,” she said. “It doesn’t get you high. It’s an extract of the hemp plant—a cousin of marijuana—and it works through your body’s own endocannabinoid system, a network of neurons and synapses throughout your body and brain which regulate your body’s normal homeostasis. Just as toxins and heavy metals in the environment can negatively affect our body’s balance, CBD-enriched products can balance bodily systems, manage physical and emotional stress, pain, and many chronic conditions.”

Because each person is different, Ashley and her staff work closely with each customer to find the product and dosage that will work for them. “We want to educate them to put things in their body that will help them,” she said. “People are confused because there are suddenly so many CBD options and so much misinformation. It’s important to find a product that’s pure and that provides the optimum absorption rate.”

Some of the reasons the Floods decided on the CBD American Shaman brand are:

  • Only top-grade hemp plants grown on sustainable small farms in the USA
  • Industry-leading standards in product safety and quality certified by the US Hemp Authority
  • Their products are absorbed faster thanks to nanotechnology that shrinks CBD particle size
  • 100 percent organic, gluten-free, non-GMO hemp that’s ultra-concentrated
  • Water soluble with no synthetics
  • No heavy metals or insecticides
  • Batch tested using ultra performance convergence chromatography

Visit for a list of their CBD-enriched products including capsules, gummies, serums, lotions and creams, elixirs, inhalers, vaporizers, even candy—all with no mind-altering ingredients.

549 West McDermott
Allen, Texas 75013
(214) 785-7224

(CBD oil has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

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